Grupo Argos and the Mayor's Office of Barranquilla inaugurate tomorrow the extension of the Parque de la Castellana, in the Buenavista sector, with 10,000 m2 of new public spaces

19 October 2022
  • This work, known as the ´Magic Realism Park´, was built under the premise of reflecting the identity of the Caribbean region through the conservation of existing native species and innovative, creative and inclusive spaces with a cultural vocation.
  • With the inauguration of this work, continuity is given to the network of existing parks such as Paseo de la Castellana, Prudencio Padilla and Palmas del Río, in addition to providing new spaces for the Buenavista community that include a cultural plaza, a picnic area, a urban viewpoint, a path with urban art, a children’s area and more than 120 linear meters of bike path
  • The design process included the participation of the community and was led by the Urban Development Business of Grupo Argos in alliance with the District Infrastructure Agency, ADI.
  • During the event, Grupo Argos, through its Urban Development Business, will announce the construction of two more parks in Barranquilla as part of its efforts to contribute to the positive transformation and promote the sustainable development of the department of Atlántico.

Starting tomorrow, the community of Buenavista, in the north of Barranquilla, will be able to enjoy ´El Parque del Realismo Mágico´, a 10,000 m2 space that has a cultural plaza for multiple activities, a children’s area, a picnic area, 120 linear meters of cycle path and an art path that works as an open-air gallery, where representative works by local artists will be exhibited. It is a park in levels where the existing topography and trees were respected, generating different urban viewpoints that are connected through trails and green corridors of native species.

This work seeks to reflect the identity of the Caribbean region and had a consolidated investment of COP 3,250 billion. Grupo Argos made contributions amounting to COP 1,850 billion while the District Infrastructure Agency made adjustments to lighting and vegetation valued at COP 1,400 billion. The construction process also included the participation of the Buenavista community through face-to-face workshops to express their needs and proposals for this space.

María Clara Aristizabal

“It fills us with satisfaction and pride to be able to continue being part of the positive transformation of the Atlantic and join efforts to promote projects that generate well-being and improve people’s quality of life. This new park has high-quality spaces that are added to the network of parks and green corridors built by Grupo Argos to protect native species and create collective spaces for recreation, culture and sports.”

María Clara Aristizábal – Urban Development Business Manager of Grupo Argos

Jaime Pumarejo

“In Barranquilla we continue working to be the first biodivercity in Colombia, for a green city, friendly to the environment, that faces climate change, and we are pleased that private companies, such as Grupo Argos, work with us in this beautiful challenge delivering new parks for the enjoyment of families and for urban development”.

Jaime Pumarejo – Mayor of Barranquilla

The opening event will be attended by the mayor of Barranquilla, Jaime Pumarejo Heins; the manager of the District Infrastructure Agency, Alberto Salah Abello, and the manager of Grupo Argos’ Urban Development Business, María Clara Aristizábal, who will officially hand over the park.

Grupo Argos will also announce the construction of two new parks in Barranquilla. The first will be the Villa Carolina park, which will offer nearly 10,000 m2 of space for the city, including three tennis courts, a children’s area and a social room. The second will be the Alejandría Public Park, which will have more than 5,300 m2 where a basketball court, a calisthenics circuit, children’s areas, contemplative paths and a children’s skating rink will be set up. Both projects are part of the investments that Grupo Argos has made over the last decade to contribute to the positive transformation and promote the sustainable development of the department of Atlántico, integrating new spaces for recreation, culture and sports.