Grupo Argos Foundation

At Grupo Argos Foundation we work with the purpose of harmonizing the relationship between human beings and nature.

Our purpose 

At Grupo Argos Foundation we work resolutely with the purpose of harmonizing the relationship of human beings with nature to contribute to water security and the development of territories through education, culture and volunteer actions.

In order to promote their voluntary actions of corporate citizenship, the companies of Grupo Empresarial Argos integrated the assets, human talent, experience and management capacities of their businesses to promote Fundación Grupo Argos as one of the vehicles of corporate social responsibility most powerful in Colombia.

Sustainable Development Goals

Our work focuses are aimed at supporting the accomplishment of five Sustainable Development Goals.

Our work fronts

Conservation of water resources

1. Huella Viva Río Claro basin

2. Río Saldaña, a basin of life

3. Alliance for the protection of the Cartama River

4. Mangrove restoration

5. Conservamos la Vida

6. Verde Vivo

Territorial Transformation

7. Scholarships for Regional Development

8. Conecta Volunteering

9. San Ignacio District


We work to contribute to water security in the territories, our strategy starts from the protection of water from the mountains to the sea. We focused our intervention on the Río Claro and Río Cartama basins in Antioquia, Río Saldaña in Tolima and the Canal del Dique in Sucre, achieving the conservation of 3,910 hectares.

How do we do it?


We contribute to the sustainable development and quality of life of the communities of the Río Claro basin, through actions of conservation, restoration and sustainable production. The area of ​​influence of this project is between the municipalities of Sonsón, San Francisco, Puerto Triunfo and San Luis in Antioquia, achieving the conservation of 1,239 hectares.


We work for the protection and restoration of the Río Saldaña basin that supplies approximately 46% of the inhabitants of Tolima through conservation and sustainable production strategies, strengthening community capacities to promote the use of alternative solutions for access to water, sanitation and sustainable use of water resources. At this time, we have achieved the conservation of 2,671 hectares.


We contribute to the design, implementation and promotion of actions of conservation, restoration and ecological regeneration under the integral management of water basins, contributing to the improvement of plant covers and ecosystem connectivity in the province of Cartama.

We protect and restore mangrove ecosystems, recognizing their importance for the conservation of biodiversity, the capture of blue carbon and the quality of life of the inhabitants of the Canal del Dique in Sucre. At this time, more than 28 hectares of mangrove have been restored.


We protect the habitat of the Andean bear, considered the guardian of water, working to avoid conflict between the bear and peasant communities, developing actions to take care of their environment through the conservation of the forest area, ecological restoration, the development of projects sustainable production and environmental education processes. To date, thanks to the program, more than 2,500 hectares have been protected through which the bear now roams for freedom.


We lead an environmental education process to create awareness around issues such as: the protection of water resources, good environmental practices and health. Currently, we have 54,393 students benefited throughout the country.

The positive transformation of the territories contributes to the improvement of the quality of life of the communities where we are present, adding wills around education, culture and corporate volunteering.

How do we do it?


We believe in the power of education as the engine of social transformation with this program we offer access to higher education for young people to more than 174 students, strengthening their leadership skills and sense of belonging to their territories.


We promote the sense of transcendence and solidarity through the mobilization of collaborators in transformative, sustainable and high impact projects. We contribute to the construction of a more empathic and supportive society.

We support art, culture and heritage in Medellín. This project seeks to strengthen art and heritage in the area of ​​the city center to reinforce cultural expressions and continue to build a new way of sharing and inhabiting public space.


Let’s talk

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