Our history

With nearly 90 years of history we have been present in the transformation of our country and the American continent.

  • Grupo Argos highway 2021


  • Grupo Argos was once again highlighted as the most sustainable company in the industry according to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index.
  • Odinsa and Macquarie Asset Management created a platform for road assets in Colombia and the region.
  • The Argos Business Group acquired 19,000 doses of the Covid-19 vaccine for its collaborators in Colombia.
  • Grupo Argos announced at its Shareholders’ Meeting the commitment to reduce its emissions by 46% by 2030.
  • Cementos Argos exports to the United States increased by 419%.
  • Celsia placed a second issue of green bonds for COP $140,000 million to continue financing the expansion of solar projects.
  • Odinsa inaugurated Pacífico 2, one of the first 4G projects in Colombia.
  • Grupo Argos achieved a record figure of 10 million trees planted voluntarily and 5,200 hectares restored in the last six years.
  • Grupo Argos Our History 2020


  • Grupo Argos carried out the first private debt exchange in the Colombian stock market.
  • Grupo Argos donated COP 10 billion through its foundation to increase the care capacity of the health system against COVID-19.
  • Cement and energy companies from Grupo Argos inaugurated the first solar energy farm in the cement sector in Honduras.
  • Cementos Argos started the production of Green Cement.
  • Celsia inaugurated in El Espinal the first solar farm in Tolima that generates 9.9 megawatts of clean energy.
  • Celsia inaugurated a sustainable hydroelectric power generation plant in Antioquia, San Andrés de Cuerquia.


  • vista aérea de una carretera rural


  • Grupo Argos, Cementos Argos and Celsia are included in the RobecoSam Sustainability Yearbook.
  • Odinsa delivers the first two functional units of the 4G Pacific 2 project. (Photo)
  • Un edificio


  • Grupo Argos is recognized for the second consecutive year by the Dow Jones Sustainability Index as the most sustainable company in the world in the construction materials sector.
  • Argos, in a government-private partnership, delivered the first LEED-certified school (buildings built under strategies linked to obtaining high standards on environmental matters) in Colombia. (Photo)
  • Our cement business provides the concrete for the construction of the Mercedes Benz Stadium of the Atlanta Falcons, home of that year’s Superbowl, and for the space station in French Guiana.
  • With the new Grupo Argos foundation, we have conserved 2683 watersheds that supply 6,613,000 people in Colombia.
  • Paneles solares


Odinsa and its subsidary Opain, delivered the expansion area of El Dorado Airport. SUMMA was created, the Shared Services Center that serves all companies of the Grupo Argos Business Group, estimating savings of USD 150mm over the next 6 years. Celsia inaugurates the first solar farm in Colombia in Yumbo (Valle del Cauca). (Photo)

  • Aeropuerto El Dorado


  • Grupo Argos acquires control of Opain, a concessionaire of the El Dorado airport in Bogota.
  • El Dorado Airport was the first to be recognized as the best airport in South America, according to Skytrax. (Photo)
  • Una carretera en medio de la naturaleza


  • Grupo Argos acquires control of Odinsa, a highway and airport concession company.
  • Argos received the Equipares Seal for its work on gender equity.
  • We delivered the concrete for the construction of the Madre Laura Bridge, the largest interurban road connection work in Colombia. (Photo)
  • Antenas eólicas


Celsia takes an international leap by purchasing assets in Panama and Costa Rica, where the Guanacaste wind plant stands out.


  • Grupo Argos and Argos join the Global Dow Jones Sustainability Index for the first time.
  • Grupo Argos and its businesses exceed 10,000 employees with operations in 15 countries. Today we are more than 14,000 employees in 18 countries. (Photo)
  • Cards de colores que dicen "Savia"


  • The division of non-cement assets takes place and Grupo Argos defines its strategic direction to become an infrastructure holding company in the Americas.
  • The edition of the Savia Botanica publishing collection begins, which would come to be a reference compendium of plant species in Colombia. (Photo)
  • Una industria


There is an expansion in the United States market with the purchase of plants in Alabama, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida.

  • Un techo


We increased the installed capacity of Cementos Argos in Colombia with the new Cartagena plant.

  • Un valle con un lago


  • Celsia, Grupo Argos’ energy business, acquires a shareholding in EPSA with the aim of entering the energy generation, transmission, distribution and marketing markets.
  • Argos expands its presence in the United States by purchasing assets in the states of Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina and Florida.
  • The first hotel built on the lands of Grupo Argos in Baru is inaugurated.
  • Una industria


Grupo Argos decides to invest in a new strategic sector and acquires 16% of Colinversiones (nowadays known as Celsia).

  • Cinco camiones de cemento alineados


Grupo Argos, through Cementos Argos, acquires cement assets in Texas, United States.

  • Una industria


The corporate reorganization began through the merger of eight of Grupo Argos’ cement business subsidiaries, they all went under the name of Cementos Argos.

  • Industria de cemento


We started the internationalization process by establishing strategic alliances to acquire cement companies in Panama, the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

  • Una industria


The construction of the Cartagena plant began, one of the most emblematic plants today.

  • Una industria antigua

En 1950

The first three concrete mixing plants are installed in the city of Medellin.

  • Una industria antigua

En 1943

The Nare Plant in Colombia markets the first bag of gray cement.


The original production capacity was doubled to 100 tons per day. Currently, we have an installed capacity of 30 million tons of cement per year.

  • Bolsa de cemento que dice Argos


The cement factory in Medellin, Colombia produces the first cement for consumption.


Grupo Argos was founded with 99 shareholders, it was called the Cementos Argos Company at the time.