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Grupo Argos’ common shares are listed on the BVC under the GRUPOARGOS mnemonic; and the preferred ones as PFGRUPOARG.

The difference between common and preferred shares lies in the rights each of them has. In the case of common shares, they have both economic and political rights, while preferred shares have only economic rights. The economic rights refer to the participation in the profits obtained by the company (dividends) plus the benefit given by the difference between the purchase price and the sale price (recovery) and the right to buy new shares issued by the company (rights subscription) On the other hand, political rights refer to the shareholder being able to participate and vote in the Shareholders’ General Assembly and review the books of the Company within the time limits established for it. However, investors with preferred shares have political rights in special circumstances that can be reviewed in more detail in Best practices.

The authorized capital of COP 75,000,000,000 is divided into 1,200,000,000 shares of nominal value of COP 62.50. The subscribed and paid-in capital is COP 54,697,419,688 represented in 875.158.715 shares.

Of the total number of shares in which the subscribed and paid-in capital is divided, 663.331.535 are common shares, of which 5.908.142 have been repurchased, resulting 651.720.961 outstanding common shares and 211,827,180 are preferred shares, for a total of 210.811.080 outstanding shares.

The mnemonic of our common stock is GRUPOARGOS and our preferred stock is PFGRUPOARG.

Grupo Argos does not have an established dividend policy, but historically a trend of dividend growth can be observed with respect to those decreed the previous year.

In accordance with current tax provisions in Colombia, profits from investments in companies are taxed with respect to income tax and dividends. The first, usually paid at the head of the company, issuer, and the second by the shareholder.

In Grupo Argos, in 2019, our investors receive their dividends exempt from tax payments as a result of the taxation that the company has already made to the Colombian State and that can be transferred to the shareholder. The foregoing in support of the provisions of articles 242, 242-1, 245 and 246-1 of the National Tax Statute.

Grupo Inversiones Suramericana S.A., Grupo Nutresa S.A., Colombian Funds, International Funds and Other Investors. For more information on the shareholder composition, go to  Shareholding structure.

The common and preferred shares of Grupo Argos are traded on the Colombian Stock Exchange and to buy a share you must approach a brokerage firm. In the following link you can see the different authorized options to invest in Grupo Argos: