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General information

In 1934 Grupo Argos was founded, called in its day as Compañía de Cemento Argos. Learn about our history and the main milestones of 86 years of work that positioned this infrastructure holding company as a benchmark in the American continent.

The Argos Business Group has a presence in 18 countries through its cement, energy and concession businesses.

  • Estados Unidos
  • Colombia
  • Honduras
  • Costa Rica
  • Ecuador
  • Aruba
  • Panamá
  • Haití
  • Curazao
  • Surinam
  • Guayana Francesa
  • República Dominicana
  • Santo Tomás
  • Puerto Rico
  • San Martín
  • Santa Lucía
  • Antigua
  • Dominica
  • Guatemala
  • Venezuela

  • Sustainability strategy: Be aware of our investments, responsible in our operations and forward-thinking in our practices, in order to generate value for the company, for society and for the planet.
  • Sustainability policy: We transform capital into products and services responsibly and with a long-term vision. Our conscious investment, our cutting-edge practices and the responsible operation of all our businesses define us as a business group of sustainable investments in infrastructure. We share ethical and transparent behavior with our stakeholders, with whom we build mutually beneficial relationships throughout our value chain. The companies of the Group, maintaining our individual development, share the objective of sustainability as a common purpose.
  • CONSCIOUS investment: We invest in businesses that contribute to the solution of global challenges and ensure the generation of long-term value for the company, society and the planet.
  • RESPONSIBLE Operation: We transform capital in a balanced manner, seeking to minimize our negative impacts and maximize our positive ones in economic, environmental and social matters.
  • CUTTING EDGE Practices: We develop innovative solutions in order to enhance our current business models, while capitalizing on new investment opportunities.

Learn more about the Sustainable Development Goals to which we are committed.

Our commitment to good corporate governance practices has led us to establish different reporting tools for reporting incorrect acts. For this reason, Grupo Argos established the Transparency Line, a free channel for all the company’s stakeholders to report, confidentially, possible breaches of the Code of Conduct.

Phone: 01800126166
Email: grupoargos@lineatransparencia.com

Key aspects:

  • Office hours from 6:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. (continuous day), from Monday to Saturday.
  • It is a line attended by external and independent personnel.
  • It is not the investor service line.
  • It is not a tool for complaints and claims.
  • It must be used responsibly. The reported facts must be real and verifiable.

The business units of Argos bussines group are: cement, energy, concessions and urban development. Get detailed information in the section about our businesses.

Our higher purpose: At Grupo Argos we positively transform people’s lives through our investments and operations in the territories where we are present. More than cement, energy, roads and airports, we are moved by the development, progress and well-being of millions of people who benefit from our projects.

About us? We are a benchmark infrastructure holding company in the American continent, a leader in the cement business, with a unique investment structure in road and airport concessions and a differentiated and innovative portfolio in both conventional and renewable energies.

We are committed to sustainability and we act guided by the principle of generating value for all our audiences. This has allowed us to become the most sustainable company in the world in the construction materials industry, according to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, of which we have been a part for six years.

  • Income USD 4.4 Billion 2021
  • Assets USD 13.2 Billion Dec 2021
  • EBITDA USD 1.2 Billion 2021
  • Market CAP USD 2.7 Billion Dec 2021
  • Net profit USD 3.22 Billion 2021

Regional platforms: At Grupo Argos we develop infrastructure platforms that positively transform the lives of the societies in which we are present. This focus has led us to develop three strategic businesses -cement, energy and road and airport concessions- that we have strengthened to boost their growth and that have allowed us to become leaders in the countries where we are present.

Investment vehicle: We are the most liquid vehicle to invest in sectors related to infrastructure in Colombia and the region, with a solid and articulated portfolio that exceeds COP 51 billion in consolidated assets. Our strategy has led us to have a balanced balance between different geographies and currencies, which allows us to take advantage of the different economic cycles experienced by the 18 countries in which we are present.

Our strategy: Focuses on achieving the sustainable growth of our investments and the generation of value for all our stakeholders. To achieve this, we have four pillars on which we focus our work:

  • The efficient allocation of capital to make investments seeking to optimize the risk-return ratio.
  • The application of the high standards of Corporate Governance.
  • Responsible action with the societies in which we are present.
  • Proper management of human talent throughout the organization.

At Grupo Argos Foundation we protect water and biodiversity under an integrated model of basins from which we articulate with communities to develop strategies for conservation, sustainable production and environmental culture. Our purpose is to contribute to water security in the territories, based on the approach proposed by the Sustainable Development Goals.

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