Why to invest in Grupo Argos?

We are a holding company capable of promoting business into regional leaders with a strategic focus on infrastructure.

We positively transform the lives of millions of people with our investments

We are a benchmark infrastructure holding company in the American continent, a leader in the cement business, with a unique investment structure in road and airport concessions and a differentiated and innovative portfolio in both conventional and renewable energies.

Figures that reflect our performance


    4.4 USD

    Billion 2021


    13.2 USD

    Billion dec 2021


    1.2 USD

    Billion 2021

    Market cap

    2.7 USD

    Billion dec 2021

    Net profit

    322 USD

    Million 2021

We are a benchmark company in the infrastructure industry

We develop infrastructure platforms in three strategic businesses: cement, energy, and road and airport concessions, businesses in which we have become leaders in the territories where we are present. We are the most liquid vehicle to invest in sectors related to infrastructure in Colombia and the region, with a solid and articulated portfolio that exceeds COP 50 billion in consolidated assets.

We have presence in 18 countries

We are a holding company capable of promoting companies with a strategic focus on infrastructure to become regional leaders.


USD 15 billions in consolidated assets

We manage a portfolio focused on balanced infrastructure in regions, currency and sectors that provide complementarity.

We work for a better world

    We have a committed team

    We have the diverse talent of more than 13,000 employees who give their best every day to positively transform the lives of millions of people.

    We added to society 3.8 times what was withheld in 2021

    We are the most sustainable company in the “Construction Materials” category, according to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index.