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30% of the talent at Grupo Empresarial Argos is made up of women: more than 37% hold leadership positions and about 29% hold senior management positions

19 April 2024
  • At Cementos Argos, 26% of women occupy roles traditionally held by men, at Celsia, more than 20% of positions related to generation, transmission, and distribution are occupied by women, and Opaín currently has 24% of women working as Aeronautical Firefighters.
  • Currently, 57% of the Board of Directors of Grupo Argos is composed of women, and 37.8% hold leadership positions.
  • At present, about 48% of the succession matrices for critical positions at Grupo Empresarial are made up of women.

Convinced of the importance of promoting diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplaces as a competitive advantage to boost creativity and innovation, a richer analysis, and improved decision-making processes, Grupo Argos continues to establish itself as a company that supports and drives the growth and development of women in leadership roles.

To date, more than 37% of the women at Grupo Empresarial Argos hold leadership positions, while 28.40% are part of senior management, significant figures considering that the organization has a team of 11,000 collaborators from different origins, generations, and cultures.

In this regard, the company’s efforts to continue promoting the participation of women in roles traditionally occupied by men stand out. In the case of the construction materials business, this figure reaches 26% at the operational level, while in its energy business, more than 20% of the positions related to generation, transmission, and distribution are occupied by women. Similarly, from Opain, the majority shareholder concessionaire of Odinsa, 24% of women work as Aeronautical Firefighters.

“We are convinced that working for diversity, equity, and inclusion is an investment in organizational efficiency and the sustainability of our businesses. We will continue to build this path which we are sure will allow us to progress as an organization that generates comprehensive value for all its stakeholders and participates in the construction of a more just, equitable, and inclusive society.”

Lina Valencia Talent Manager of Grupo Argos

In 2023, Grupo Argos was the only Colombian company recognized by Forbes magazine in the ranking ‘World’s Top Companies for Women 2023’ for its projects and initiatives to promote gender equality and diversity, ranking 36th among 400 companies from 47 countries.

By 2028, Grupo Empresarial Argos aims to increase the participation of women in senior management by 35%. To achieve this, it is advancing in different strategies such as mentorship programs and training that seek to improve their readiness to occupy critical roles in the organization. Currently, about 48% of the succession matrices for these roles are composed of women, 73% of the members of the organization’s mentorship program are women, and more than 100 have participated in leadership programs for equity with institutions such as the University of Berkeley and Harvard University.