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Starting today, the community can enjoy the first 11,500 square meters of the largest urban park in the metropolitan area: Parque Ciudad Mallorquín

10 April 2024
  • This Wednesday, April 10, Grupo Argos opened the first of six sectors of Parque Ciudad Mallorquín. Once all stages are operational, it will become the largest urban park in the metropolitan area of Barranquilla.
  • The delivery of this space represents a milestone in the development of Ciudad Mallorquín, where more than 470 families currently live. As of today, they can enjoy a space equipped with the best facilities for recreation and leisure, such as a basketball court, jogging track, cultural paths, gym, tennis courts, children’s play area, and cultural plaza, among others.
  • For the construction of the park, Nature-Based Solutions are being implemented in partnership with the Alexander Von Humboldt Institute to also make this space a refuge for biodiversity and environmental well-being.
  • In the last two decades, Grupo Argos has developed urban projects that have enabled the provision of more than 2,000,000 square meters of public space and facilities benefiting millions of inhabitants of the Barranquilla metropolitan area.

At an event attended by the community of Ciudad Mallorquín and María Clara Aristizábal, manager of the Grupo Argos’ Urban Development Business, among other special guests, this Wednesday, April 10, the opening of the first sector of Parque Ciudad Mallorquín took place. The first stage of this project includes more than 11,500 m² of public space and is projected as one of the most important urban spaces in the metropolitan area of Barranquilla due to its design standards and the amenities it hosts, designed in a process of collective construction with the community. Once fully completed, its extension will reach more than 60,000 m² with facilities open for the entertainment and health of the community.

“The diversity that exists in Ciudad Mallorquín is an advantage for those of us who live here because it gives us new opportunities to get ahead. This project is a huge opportunity for my family and for everyone who decides to live here, and to find new spaces to achieve our goals.”

Roberto Barros, Resident of Ciudad Mallorquín

Under the vision of continuing to provide the community with spaces that facilitate recreation and leisure, this new park is equipped with a basketball court, jogging track, cultural trails, gym, tennis courts, children’s play area, and cultural plaza. Its design was undertaken by DEB, a locally-based firm of young architects who have won international awards. They developed a collaborative design that started from the interest in highlighting the natural and cultural attributes of the territory. During its construction, the implementation of nature-based solutions also took place, in partnership with the Alexander Von Humboldt Institute, to turn this space into a refuge for biodiversity and well-being for the community.

“The delivery of this first stage of Parque Ciudad Mallorquín represents the materialization of the dream of thousands of families that live and will live in this project and who now have a meeting space available with the best standards for sports, recreation, culture, and the environment. We will continue to promote projects for the well-being and quality of life of the inhabitants of the Barranquilla metropolitan area.”

María Clara Aristizábal, Manager of the Urban Development Business of Grupo Argos

About Ciudad Mallorquín

Ciudad Mallorquín is a benchmark project in Colombia that enables more than 16,000 families in Atlántico to access decent housing, strategically located near complementary uses and workplaces, with the best urban planning conditions. It facilitates people from different income levels sharing more than 130,000 m² of a public space network and green corridors. According to experts, this is a predictor of social mobility that will allow them to improve their quality of life. It is an innovative and revolutionary project in Colombia.

This development will contribute to reducing the housing deficit in Atlántico, generate more than 2,000 annual jobs during its construction, and double the property tax collection of Puerto Colombia. Moreover, this project involves circulating more than COP 165 billion that Grupo Argos will invest directly and more than COP 2.2 trillion from constructors participating with housing projects.