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Beneflex, the bet of benefits of Group Argos

4 June 2019

Employer Brand | JUNE 4th, 2019


• This à la carte benefits initiative allows Argos Business Group employees to choose and prioritize the benefits they receive according to their tastes and lifestyle.

• Working from the place of origin on special dates, 100% disability payment, pet policy, purchase of rest days and half a day free of birthdays, are just some of the benefits offered by this initiative.

• In 2018 Grupo Argos won the Sustainability Award for Good Labor Practices, from the Federación Colombiana de Gestión Humana (Acrip) and the RS Center.


Grupo Argos, in line with human management trends and talent retention, and understanding the value of employees for the company, continues to strengthen its commitment to improve the wellness of its employees with the Beneflex program, an initiative of benefits à la carte, that allows them to choose and prioritize the benefits they receive according to their tastes and lifestyle.

“In our company we are aware of the leading role that our employees play in the growth and development of the holding company and subsidiaries. For this reason, thinking of continually improving their well-being, we created Beneflex, a flexible, innovative and diverse portfolio of benefits to promote the retention of talent and job satisfaction of collaborators”, said Sara Sánchez, Manager of Compensation and Organizational Development.

In this year, more than 1,700 employees were impacted by this program that aims to reach 2,180 employees throughout Colombia. Likewise, the Business Group intends to take it to other countries where it has operations.



This program is divided into three categories:


General benefits: Applicable to all employees and with a special focus on the balance between work and personal life, as well as their well-being. For example, life insurance, a four-day marriage license, purchase of up to five days off, additional days off in December and January, half a day free on birthdays, progressive reinstated of maternity and paternity leave, among others.


Marketable benefits: It consists of an offer of benefits to be chosen by each employee based on an established quota, according to their needs, preferences or moment of life that can be modified annually. Some benefits are: Policies for health, pets, home, vehicle and life; food vouchers, cinema, discounts in shops and with health entities; educational assistance, discounts and subscriptions on entertainment and travel platforms, among others.


• Benefits per application: Employees can access this offer, as long as they meet the requirements established for the granting of each benefit. They are competitive tenders to apply for scholarships and educational sponsorships, home loans, calamity, education and vehicles, homeoffice and flexitrabajo.

In 2018, Beneflex was one of the key indicators for the Argos Business Group to stand out for its management and commitment in labor practices, with the Sustainability Award for Good Labor Practices, in the Large Companies category; a recognition given by Federación Colombiana de Gestión Humana (Acrip) and the RS Center.