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Forbes and Statista's World’s Best Employers ranking highlighted Grupo Empresarial Argos as one of the best companies to work for globally.

19 October 2023
  • Two Colombian companies made it to the ranking, which assessed companies from 50 countries through over 170,000 surveys. Grupo Empresarial Argos placed 268th thanks to its talent, diversity, and inclusion strategy, which has enabled it to promote inclusive environments that value and respect each of its employees.
  • Today, the organization comprises a team of 11,500 people from different backgrounds, generations, cultures, and abilities in 20 countries and territories across the Americas.
  • Throughout the year, Grupo Argos has been recognized by Bloomberg’s Gender Equity Index among the companies with the best performance in diversity and inclusion globally and by TIME magazine as one of the Best Companies in the World.

Grupo Argos, an infrastructure asset manager consisting of over 11,500 employees in 20 countries across the Americas, was included for the second consecutive year in the “World’s Best Employers” ranking, compiled by Forbes and the market research firm Statista. In the seventh edition of this ranking, Grupo Argos ranked 268th among 700 companies from 43 countries, standing out as an employer that offers a suitable work environment and professional opportunities highly valued by its employees.

In terms of diversity and inclusion, Grupo Argos is making efforts to promote the growth and development of women in roles traditionally occupied by men. In the case of the construction materials business, this figure reaches 41% at the operational level, while in its energy business, 19% of positions associated with generation, transmission, and distribution are held by women. Currently, 32% of Grupo Argos’ leadership positions are held by women.

The organization also boasts a robust benefits portfolio tailored to its employees’ needs and growth, development, and mobility plans that have allowed nearly 1,000 people to enrich their professional profiles with experiences in the organization’s various companies over the past year. Additionally, there are initiatives that enable employees to connect their personal purpose with the corporate purpose through social impact strategies.

About the Ranking:

The “World’s Best Employers” ranking is an assessment that highlights companies excelling globally in their commitment to talent management and employee well-being. It is based on a survey conducted with over 170,000 employees from companies present in 50 countries. They provide their perspective on various aspects of their work experience, including recommending their companies to friends and family, talent development, remote work options, parental leave benefits, workplace diversity, work-life balance, and pride in the company’s products and services. The companies featured in this ranking demonstrate an outstanding commitment to their employees and their ability to provide a high-quality work environment and meaningful development opportunities.