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Merco Talento highlighted the companies of the Argos Business Group as leaders in their sectors for their ability to attract and retain talent in Colombia

14 June 2023
  • Grupo Argos was consolidated in first place among the country’s business conglomerates with the greatest capacity to attract and retain talent in Colombia and was ranked 51st in the general ranking.
  • Grupo Argos’ construction materials business, Cementos Argos, was confirmed in the top 15, ranking 13th, while Celsia stood out in 26th place, rising nine positions. These results consolidate the Grupo Argos companies as leaders in attracting and retaining talent in their sectors.
  • Attributes such as its diversity and inclusion strategy, a robust portfolio of benefits tailored to the needs of its employees and the growth, development and mobility programs within the Argos Business Group, are part of the factors that allowed companies to of the organization occupy relevant positions in the ranking.

The results of the most recent edition of Merco Talento published this Wednesday, June 14, reaffirmed the leadership of Grupo Argos and its businesses, Cementos Argos and Celsia, among the most attractive companies to work for in Colombia. On this occasion, Grupo Argos consolidated itself in first place among the business conglomerates in the country with the greatest capacity to attract and retain talent and was ranked 51st in the general ranking. For its part, Cementos Argos ranked 13th, reaffirming its leadership in the top 15 for the sixth consecutive year, while Celsia ranked 26th in the overall ranking and 3rd in the electric power sector.

“This is recognition of a business vision that enables the 11,500 people that make up the Argos Business Group to connect with a higher purpose of positive transformation to achieve extraordinary results in line with a transcendent sense of the work we do every day.”

Jorge Mario Velasquez
President of Grupo Argos

Grupo Empresarial Argos has developed a transversal talent strategy with attributes among which the generation of inclusive environments, which value and respect diversity as a lever of value, a robust portfolio of benefits designed to suit the needs of its employees and internal growth, development and mobility plans that have allowed nearly 1,000 people in the last five years to enrich their professional profile with experiences in the different companies of the organization, as well as initiatives that allow employees to connect their personal purpose with the corporate purpose, through social impact strategies. Currently people of different origins, generations and cultures in 20 countries and territories of the American continent are part of the Argos Business Group.

About Merco Talento

It was designed to understand how companies are being valued from three dimensions: labor quality, employer brand, and internal reputation. Nearly 73,000 people participated in this measurement, including more than 8,500 senior students from various university majors, workers from the 200 companies that are part of the ranking, nearly 200 experts in human resources and 3,000 people from the General population.