With the program La Bici Me Mueve we have given 1.5 rounds to the earth

31 May 2019

Sustainability | MAY 31st, 2019

On June 3rd, World Bicycle Day will be celebrated and Grupo Argos and its subsidiaries Argos, Celsia and Odinsa, reiterate their commitment to La Bici Me Mueve program, which is part of AMOvilizarte, the Sustainable and collaborative mobility strategy of the Business Group.

This program, which has 57 bicycles, promotes its use as an alternative means of transport and since it began, 62,336 km have been traveled, (equivalent to giving 1.5 rounds to the earth by bicycle) and the emission of 9,787 kg of carbon dioxide has been avoided.

“La Bici Me Mueve is one of the flagship programs of our sustainable mobility strategy. The good acceptance that it has had among the collaborators of our Business Group allows us to reaffirm the commitment we have to preserve and conserve our environment and to promote more and more healthy lifestyle habits among our collaborators”, says Vivian Garcés, Talent Director of Grupo Argos

This initiative is in addition to the regulations of the Sustainable Business Mobility (MES) plans proposed by the Metropolitan Area and in the course of the program, 13,173 bicycle loans have been made and more than 400 employees have been trained in Medellín.