New call for women of legal age and young people between 18 and 28 years old in Valle de Aburrá to join the labor market

20 September 2021
  • Between Monday, September 20 and October 18, the women and young people of  Valle de Aburrá will be able to apply for the second call of the Alianza Empresarial por el Empleo de Mujeres y Jóvenes.
  • In the first phase of this initiative, which closed on September 10th, more than 1,500 people signed up for the program, 499 scholarships were assigned, 203 people are in the process of connecting to work, 96 are already working and 201 are receiving training free for employment.
  • The Business Alliance for Youth and Women’s Employment focuses on joining forces to co-create new sustainable and competitive job opportunities for these populations in the fourth industrial revolution, infrastructure, agrobusiness and services sectors.

In this new call, new job vacancies will be assigned from a total of about 2,800 jobs available for women of legal age and young people between 18 and 28 years old, in addition to participation in mentoring processes to rediscover skills, talents and passions to connect with the purpose of life and to receive training in the sectors of the fourth industrial revolution, infrastructure, agrobusiness and services.

Although unemployment rates in Medellín and the metropolitan area have been progressively recovering in recent months, this continues to be the population most affected by the impact on labor activity that COVID-19 has had and its link to the labor market represents a relevant opportunity in the process of economic reactivation that the region and the country are experiencing.

Interested persons can apply at, in order to start the process, which begins with a mentorship and a clear training path on their talent and work specialty , to go on to find an opportunity in the sectors that will mark the economic reactivation and, finally, to be able to be part of one of the companies that contribute to the Alliance. Likewise and in the weeks in which this second call will be extended, the Alliance will be visiting schools, neighborhood groups and cultural centers in the neighborhoods of Medellín to promote participation and enhance the impact of the initiative.

Training available for the second call

  • Labor technician as new administrative assistant
  • Labor technician in food and beverage services – emphasis on barista and vegetables and fruits new
  • Training: English
  • Labor Technician as assistant in electromechanics – Outstanding
  • Labor technician in computer systems support – Outstanding
  • Labor technician as Installer of solar electrical energy networks – Featured
  • Certified in comprehensive business management based on marketing, customer service and sales
  • Labor technician as a commercial and service advisor
  • Labor technician as assistant in software development
  • Certified in optimization of warehouses, warehouses and distribution centers
  • Labor technician as assistant in logistics of distribution centers
  • Specialized course – Full-Stack Developers – Digital School

Partner companies: Proantioquia, Grupo Argos, Comfama, Bancolombia, Grupo Bios, Aceros Mapa, Pragma, Londoño Gómez, Haceb, Fundación Sofía Pérez de Soto, Fundación Fraternidad Medellín, Peldar, Londoño Gómez, Acinox, Iluma, Pragma, Corbeta, Makaia, United Way, TCC, Distrihogar, Microplast and Linkvest Capital.

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