Management Committee

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The company is managed by the CEO and the vice-presidents, who analyze the performance of Grupo Argos and the evolution of the different businesses, evaluate new projects and monitor the ongoing projects.

Jorge Mario Velásquez
President of
Grupo Argos
Rafael Olivella
Vice President of
Corporate Affairs
Alejandro Piedrahita
Vice President of
Strategy and Corporate Finance

Jorge Mario Velásquez

Grupo Argos CEO since April 1st, 2016. He came to office after having developed a professional career of more than 30 years in Cementos Argos. He joined Argos as a practitioner and came to be CEO of the company.

Rafael Olivella

Vice President of Corporate Affairs since May 2019. He has been linked to the business group for more than 15 years, holding different positions in Cementos Argos and Celsia.

Alejandro Piedrahita

Vice President of Strategy and Corporate Finance since June 2015. He had previously worked as Vice President of Capital Market Structuring in Banca de Inversion Bancolombia.

No member of the Management Committee has the status of Politically Exposed Person in accordance with the definition of Decree 1674 of 2016.

CEO’s Committee

One of the biggest challenges of every business group is to maintain an adequate alignment among all its companies, in order to pursue the strategic direction drawn and meet the expectations of generating value for all stakeholders. To maintain this alignment, we have the Committee of CEOs, composed of all the presidents of the Group's strategic businesses and the manager of the Urban Development Business.

  • Juan Esteban Calle, Cementos Argos CEO.
  • Ricardo Sierra, Celsia CEO.
  • Mauricio Ossa, Odinsa CEO.
  • Maria Clara Aristizabal, Urban Development Business Manager.

  • Legal representatives

    The legal representation of the company is under the company’s CEO. He has five substitutes who will replace him in his absolute, accidental or temporary absence:

    Legal Representatives:

    CEO and Legal Representative: Jorge Mario Velásquez Jaramillo

    Other Legal Representatives:


    Legal Representatives for Judicial and Administrative Matters:

    • Juanita Giraldo Chica


    The appointment of legal representatives is determined by the Board of Directors and depends on the members of the company's senior management. There is no additional remuneration for being appointed legal representative of the company.

    Among the functions of the legal representatives of the company are: 

    • Represent the company judicially and extrajudicially.
    • Execute the agreements of the General Assembly of Shareholders and the Board of Directors.
    • Appoint and remove employees, as well as set attributions and salaries.
    • To constitute judicial and extrajudicial proxies.
    • Execute the acts and celebrate the contracts that tend to fill the social purposes.
    • Submit a management report to the General Shareholders’ Meeting.
    • Take care of the correct and effective investment of the company's funds.
    • Submit a report on the intensity of the economic relations existing between the parent company or its subsidiaries with the respective controlled company.
    • Prepare for shareholders a report on the reasons to increase the authorized capital or decrease the subscribed.
    • Comply with and enforce the Code of Good Governance.
    • Provide the market with timely, complete and truthful information about the financial status and the risks inherent in the company's activity.