The University of Antioquia and the Argos Business Group award 25 scholarships to professionals from all over the country as part of the celebration of Journalists' Day.

9 February 2023
  • This partnership between the private sector and academia formalizes the launch of the third cohort of the “Diploma in Economic Journalism,” a program offering 120 hours of training in a remote format, aimed at reaching journalists from both national and regional media outlets across the country.
  • Journalists will be able to access this scholarship that will update them on their understanding of the market, global, and local economic dynamics.

For the third consecutive year, the University of Antioquia and Grupo Argos are reaffirming their commitment to training in economic journalism by awarding 25 full scholarships to journalists from both national and regional media. This initiative brings together academia, media, and private companies in a training environment, aimed at enhancing understanding of the economic context of companies, the country, and global markets. It acknowledges the critical role of journalism and media communication in shaping narratives, promoting citizenship, and providing information for decision-making in the economic realm.

“On the occasion of Journalist’s Day, a staple event for our academic community, the best way to build the country and acknowledge the hard work of our journalism professionals is to foster reflection, professional development, and continued learning about current topics that are relevant to organizations, universities, and society as a whole. Today, we celebrate our partnership with the private sector, ensuring that journalism remains connected to the economic dynamics of the country.”
Edwin Carvajal Córdoba – Dean of the Faculty of Communications and Philology, University of Antioquia.

“At Grupo Argos, we firmly believe in the critical role that journalism plays in fostering informed citizens who have the ability to make informed decisions. That is why we are thrilled to be celebrating this new cohort that enables us to further enhance the journalistic field in partnership with an experienced ally like the University of Antioquia.”
Iván Trujillo, Manager of Institutional Relations and Communications, Grupo Argos.

The third cohort of the Diploma in Economic Journalism will consist of 25 journalists from both national and regional media outlets. These participants will delve into crucial topics such as microeconomics, macroeconomics, stock market analysis, the responsibility of companies in society, conscious capitalism, the financial system, interpretation of financial statements, and economic law, among others.