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The Grupo Argos Foundation joins the collaborative platform for the recovery of the Canal del Dique basin Argos Group Foundation

9 November 2021
  • This project seeks the articulation of public and private organizations for the restoration and rehabilitation of the Canal del Dique basin, contributing to the water security of the territory of Bolívar.
  • Entities such as the Ministry of the Environment, the Government of Bolívar, the Mayor’s Office of Cartagena, ANDI and INVEMAR participate in this initiative.
  • The project will be carried out within the framework of the creation and implementation of the Collaborative Platforms defined in the Pact for Sustainability of the National Development Plan.

With the commitment to contribute to the recovery of the Canal del Dique basin, the Grupo Argos Foundation joined the Collaborative Platform of the National Government to work on the reconstruction and maintenance of this important connection with the Colombian Caribbean Sea. Thanks to this union of efforts, the water security of the populations and economic sectors that depend on the basin will be improved through the protection, conservation, and rehabilitation of the ecosystems that grow in this basin.

The organizations that will participate in addition to the Grupo Argos Foundation are: Cementos Argos, Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, the Government of Bolívar, the mayors of Cartagena and Arjona, Promigas, Fundación Canal del Dique, ANDI, EPA Cartagena, CARDIQUE and INVEMAR.

“Participating in this alliance is in perfect alignment with our strategic vision of promoting projects that contribute to the development of the territories, the care of water resources and the improvement of the quality of life of families in the area. Contributing to recover the Canal del Dique as a hydrographic basin is everyone’s task”.

Camilo Abello – Director of the Grupo Argos Foundation and Senior Director of Sustainability of Grupo Argos

The event of protocol and signing of the agreement of wills for the recovery of the Canal del Dique was held on Friday, November 5 in the city of Cartagena, where the legal representatives of each of the entities that will make the transformation of the basin possible were present. . This initiative is born from the National Development Plan 2021, where the National Government and the private sector join forces for the benefit of the environment, territories and communities.

Efforts of the Grupo Argos Foundation in the region

The Grupo Argos Foundation leads in Bocacerrada, Sucre and on the island of Barú, Bolívar, a project for the recovery and conservation of the mangrove ecosystem that is part of its Sembrando Futuro program. So far this year, the Foundation has planted more than 150,000 seedlings and built two community nurseries to benefit the communities. The investment in this initiative amounts to more than COP 400 million and has allowed the restoration of more than 28 hectares of mangroves since 2019.