The Grupo Argos Foundation is one of the organizations that will lead the reconstruction of the Providencia and Santa Catalina Hospital Argos Group Foundation

23 September 2021
  • Grupo Argos and Odinsa join the reconstruction of Providencia Hospital through the Grupo Argos Foundation with a donation of COP 3,350 million pesos
  • In 2020, Hurricane Iota affected 98% of the island’s infrastructure, including serious and significant impacts on the health center.
  • The Providencia Hospital reconstruction project will be carried out within the framework of the Architectural Medical Program announced by the Ministry of Health and Social Protection.

With the purpose of contributing to the recovery of the island of Providencia, the Government of San Andrés and Providencia, the National Fund for Risk Management and the Grupo Argos Foundation, will rebuild the Hospital of Providencia and Santa Catalina that was affected by Hurricane Iota. In this project, the Grupo Argos Foundation will play a fundamental role as executor of resources and will provide contributions for COP 3,350 million of the more than COP 8,800 million that will be necessary to execute the work.

“We are proud to promote projects that generate value and promote the well-being of communities, which is why we celebrate the union of wills between the public and private sectors to develop initiatives like these that we know will positively transform the lives of the island’s inhabitants. At Grupo Empresarial Argos we are committed to generating social value and contributing to the solution of the problems that we share as a society”.

Jorge Mario Velásquez – CEO Grupo Empresarial Argos

With the signing of the agreement, carried out on September 17, the project begins, which will last 12 months and includes the reconstruction of the Hospital in the same area where it is located today. The reconstruction of the Hospital will be carried out in accordance with the Architectural Medical Program delivered by the Ministry of Health and Social Protection in March 2021.