National University of Colombia and Grupo Argos sign agreements to seek solutions that allow mitigating the effects of climate change

18 August 2022
  • This alliance represents an opportunity to carry out research aimed at reducing and taking advantage of CO2 emissions through a circular economy scheme and the potentialization of new technologies.
  • The signing was in charge of Dolly Montoya, rector of the University and Jorge Mario Velásquez, president of Grupo Argos, for a term of five years. During this time, new projects will be integrated to promote, among others, the use of renewable energies and sustainable construction.
  • The two initial research projects have funding of COP 328 million. Specialized teams from the University and collaborators from the Argos Business Group participate in its development.

The signed agreements materialize the commitment of the National University of Colombia and Grupo Argos with sustainability and with the development of solutions that contribute to the mitigation of the effects of climate change. Among the actions contemplated by the alliance is the participation of research groups in the structuring and carrying out of projects that allow solving the business challenges of Grupo Empresarial Argos, starting with two initiatives that already have funding and that are aimed at reducing and explore the possible use and capture of CO2 emissions generated in cement production.

“For almost 155 years we have assumed a historic commitment to the communities of our country, learning from them and with them in the territory, jointly finding solutions to their own problems, and we have also assumed a commitment to the productive economic sectors, improving its competitiveness and contributing to environmental sustainability. This alliance constitutes an important collaborative work between the academy and Grupo Argos to contribute to the mitigation of climate change and the construction of a nation”.

Dolly Montoya
Rector of the National University of Colombia

“Throughout its history, Grupo Argos has promoted a vision focused on generating comprehensive value for all its stakeholders, hand in hand with academia and society. This alliance recognizes the power of collective work and the leadership of the National University to respond to the challenges that we share as a society from the environment and employment”.

Jorge Mario Velásquez
President of Grupo Argos

The framework agreement between the institutions is valid for five years, during which time new projects for the use of CO2, renewable energies and the financial viability of initiatives associated with new technological developments will be identified and financed. Similarly, the alliance facilitates the connection of employment opportunities and internships for graduates of the University in the different companies of Grupo Argos.

To date, joint actions have been organized such as the development of the series of public conferences Conversations that Build in which more than 7,000 people participated free of charge and a sustainability chair was installed for undergraduate students, whose leadership was in charge of collaborators of Grupo Argos, Cementos Argos, Celsia and Odinsa with extensive experience in issues such as environmental, social management and corporate governance.

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