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More than 54% of women in Grupo Argos and about 32% in the Argos Business Group hold leadership roles

26 April 2023
  • Currently, 43% of the Board of Directors of Grupo Argos is composed of women, including its president.
  • Grupo Argos was recognized by the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index, which includes more than 400 companies, as a global leader in the consolidation of inclusive, safe, and diverse work environments.
  • By 2030, the organization has set the goal of increasing the participation of women in leadership positions throughout its operations in the 20 countries and territories where it is present.

As part of its commitment to generating inclusive environments that value and respect diversity, Grupo Argos has managed to have more than 54% of its leadership positions held by women, and this figure rises to almost 32% in the consolidated figures of the Argos Business Group. This is a significant composition considering that it is an organization that participates in the construction materials, energy, and concessions sectors, historically integrated by men, and that also has a team of 11,500 people from different backgrounds, generations, and cultures in 20 countries and territories throughout the American continent.

This commitment has been recognized by the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index, in which the company achieved a historic score of 88.29% compared to a global average score of 73%, and by Forbes, which ranked Grupo Argos as the most female-friendly company in the world after evaluating criteria such as competitive salaries, opportunities for professional advancement, and flexible work arrangements.

By 2030, the Argos Business Group has set a goal of increasing the participation of women in leadership positions, and to achieve this, it is advancing different strategies, including mentoring and training programs that seek to improve their readiness to take on critical roles in the organization. Today, 70% of the members of the organization’s mentoring program are women, and more than 100 have participated in leadership programs for equity with entities such as the University of Berkeley and Harvard University.