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In the past year, more than 600 employees of Grupo Empresarial Argos were promoted in their roles, and over 1,400 moved to new opportunities within the organization's companies

3 May 2024
  • 16% of the employees at Grupo Empresarial Argos had the opportunity to experience internal mobility in the past year.
  • During 2023, the company’s human talent accumulated over 455,000 hours of training as part of support for their development plans.
  • Nearly 200 employees of the organization have benefited from financial sponsorships to pursue postgraduate studies, and of these, 67% have achieved career growth within the company.

Grupo Empresarial Argos is a source of professional development and growth, evidenced by the fact that in the past year, 16% of its total talent experienced internal mobility, which includes movements between companies within Grupo Empresarial Argos and promotions. Notably, over 600 employees were promoted in their roles during this same period.

“A fundamental pillar in our talent strategy is the growth of our employees. We are convinced of the power of investing in the professional development of our team and fostering an environment where mobility and growth are possible, strengthening their skills with tools that enable them to take on new challenges.”

Lina Valencia
Talent Manager at Grupo Argos

As part of the support to promote growth and mobility, the company creates personalized training and learning paths within its development plans. In 2023 alone, employees of Grupo Empresarial Argos achieved more than 455,000 hours of training. Along the same lines, the organization has a scholarship program that has benefited nearly 200 employees with financial sponsorship for postgraduate studies, and of these, 67% have had the opportunity to advance within the organization.