Grupo Empresarial Argos donates COP 1,000 million to strengthen the capacity of intensive care in Cartagena

26 June 2020
  • Grupo Argos, and its companies Cementos Argos, Celsia and Odinsa, made a donation of COP 1,000 million to strengthen the capacity of medical care and Intensive Care in the city with a donation to the Carlos and Sonia Haime Foundation that will go to the Hospital Carlos Haime, in Serena del Mar.
  • This contribution strengthens Cartagena’s response capacity against the contingency generated by COVID-19, speeding up civil works and managing to integrate 22 new beds into the hospital network and enabling the care of a greater number of patients from September.
  • The contributions of the Argos Business Group in Cartagena since the beginning of the situation have allowed the benefit of more than 9,300 families in vulnerable conditions and include food aid, diagnostic tests and the strengthening of the health system.

Grupo Argos and its companies, Cementos Argos, Celsia and Odinsa donated COP 1,000 million to the Carlos and Sonia Haime Foundation for the Hospital Carlos Haime, strengthening the city’s medical care capacity and increasing the number of beds available in Cartagena and the region Caribbean to face the pandemic.

The resources will serve to accelerate the required civil work and enable the first 22 beds that will have all the required infrastructure, to be used if necessary, as intensive care units, so that by September, comprehensive medical care for all patients who require it.

“In the Argos Business Group we are committed to the well-being of Cartagena and the Caribbean region, for this reason we are dedicating great efforts to strengthen the health and food fronts that so far amount to nearly COP 3.500 million and add to the most of COP 18,700 million that we have contributed in the country. This is a moment that invites us to think differently, to find new ways to work and to contribute, a situation that invites us to unite as a society ”.

Jorge Mario Velásquez

President of the Argos Business Group

“This contribution is received at the Carlos y Sonia Haime Foundation, shareholder of the Hospital Carlos Haime , to be fully invested in the purchase of medical equipment (ventilators, beds, monitors and ICU arms). With this support we accelerate the opening of the first 22 beds of 158 that the project will have in its entirety, increasing hospital capacity at this time of crisis in the city of Cartagena. The Hospital will provide all medical and hospital services for the proper care of the population of Cartagena and the region ”.

Daniel Haime Gutt

President of the Carlos and Sonia Haime Foundation

This donation joins the different initiatives that the Argos Business Group has implemented in Bolívar to support people in vulnerable conditions, among which are the contribution of more than COP 500 million to bring food packages to more than 5,200 families in the department. . Among these efforts, the campaign Un Llamado a la Empatía also stands out, which, with donations from collaborators of the business group and external allies, has delivered more than 500 food packages to vulnerable families who depend on informal work. In addition, the Grupo Argos Foundation, the Santodomingo Foundation, Col5Vid and Give to Colombia joined wills to benefit more than 3,600 additional families with help to buy their food.