Grupo Empresarial Argos achieves a record figure of 10 million trees planted voluntarily and 5,200 hectares restored in the last six years

2 December 2021
  • As part of the commitment to the conservation and protection of strategic ecosystems in the country, the Argos Business Group recently reached 10 million native trees planted voluntarily in the country.
  • 100% of the labor hired for restoration activities is local, promoting the generation of formal and quality employment for more than 3,200 people.
  • The sowing processes have been carried out in close collaboration with the communities of the departments of Antioquia, Atlántico, Bolívar, Córdoba, Tolima and Valle del Cauca.

These sowings are part of the commitment of the Grupo Empresarial Argos’ businesses to contribute to the restoration of strategic ecosystems, aligned with the country’s climate change objectives. With these 10 million trees, the company consolidates itself as the private company that has contributed the most to the restoration of forests in the country.

This figure was possible thanks to Celsia’s RevedeC project, which has led reforestation in Valle del Cauca and Tolima with more than 7.6 million planted trees, and Sembrando Futuro, from Fundación Grupo Argos, a compensation project through the planting of more than 1 million trees annually since 2021. In addition to restoration efforts, the organization promotes development and opportunities for communities, which has led to the generation of more than 3,200 formal jobs in six years and the involvement of local suppliers in the planting processes.

“Reaching 10 million trees planted voluntarily is the result of the Grupo Empresarial Argos’ commitment to contribute to the restoration of forests and align them with the country’s climate change goals while generating social well-being and promoting sustainable development. This is an initiative that translates into an huge generation of social value for all, where in addition to contributing to the care of the hydrographic basins and the care of the air, we generate employment and environmental education in the territories”.
Camilo Abello – Senior Director of Sustainability of Grupo Argos

The planting of trees is part of the integral strategy of the Grupo Empresarial Argos to mitigate the effects of climate change, which includes solutions based on nature, with the commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 46% by 2030 and support the transition to a low-carbon economy of their businesses by 2050. To date, more than 130 native tree species have been planted, of which nine are in the threatened category, more than 30 watersheds are protected and more 5,200 hectares of forest have been restored.

Learn more about this initiative with this video: