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Grupo Argos recognized by Forbes as one of the World's Top Companies for Women 2023 for its gender equality practices

3 November 2023
  • This ranking evaluates and recognizes the top 400 companies in the world with the best practices for promoting gender equality, diversity, and inclusion.
  • Grupo Argos was the only Colombian company in the ranking and secured the 36th position among 400 companies globally.
  • Currently, 43% of Grupo Argos’ Board of Directors is represented by women, and 32% of leadership positions are held by women. At the operational levels, the construction materials business is composed of 41% women, while in the electric power business, this figure rises to 19% of positions associated with generation, transmission, and distribution.
  • For the past seven years, Grupo Argos has had a Diversity and Inclusion Committee aimed at aligning best practices in diversity and implementing a strategy to strengthen it within the organization.

For the third consecutive year, Forbes, a business and finance magazine, in collaboration with the market research firm Statista, published the “World’s Top Companies for Women 2023” ranking to recognize companies worldwide for their projects and initiatives promoting gender equality and diversity. In this edition, Grupo Argos ranked 36th among 400 companies from 37 countries.

“We are excited about this achievement that recognizes the vision of the Business Group, which is convinced that value generation includes efforts in diversity, equity, and inclusion, and that companies prioritizing these aspects are building the path toward a more just and inclusive society.”

Lina Valencia
Talent Manager at Grupo Argos

In terms of diversity and inclusion, Grupo Argos is making efforts to promote the growth and development of women in traditionally male-dominated positions. In the construction materials business, this figure reaches 41% at the operational level, while in the energy business, 19% of positions associated with generation, transmission, and distribution are held by women. Currently, 32% of Grupo Argos’ leadership positions are held by women.

Furthermore, Grupo Empresarial Argos has set a goal to increase the participation of women in top management by 35% by 2028. To achieve this, they are implementing various strategies, including mentoring programs and training to strengthen the readiness of women for critical positions. Currently, 46.6% of succession plans for critical positions in Grupo Empresarial Argos are composed of women.

About the Ranking:

World’s Top Companies for Women 2023 is an evaluation in which over 80,000 women worldwide participated, responding to surveys evaluating their companies on topics such as sexism, policies supporting women in the workplace, and balanced hiring, among other issues. Elements such as leadership, structure, and public participation were also considered in the analysis.