Grupo Argos has received international capital investments to leverage its infrastructure platforms and has projects for more than COP 7 trillion in road and energy concessions

4 February 2022
  • Under the premise of transferring value to its shareholders, Grupo Argos has established itself in the last 10 years as a manager of relevant infrastructure investments in the American continent through the creation and operation of platforms hand in hand with strategic partners. .
  • This business model is leveraged on the organization’s ability to connect global liquidity with transportation infrastructure, energy and real estate needs.

After a process of reorganization and structuring of its companies during the last decade, Grupo Argos has managed to attract global partners in regional infrastructure platforms that project investments of more than COP 7 trillion in projects for the coming years. This business model is based on the transformation of companies and investments, focusing them on strategic sectors to subsequently attract capital that drives profitable growth, while remunerating the organization’s ability to manage assets.

In the last decade, Grupo Argos went from being a local cement company to a relevant investment manager in the American continent with more than COP 53 trillion in assets under management. Among the strategic movements, the acquisition of Colinversiones and the transformation of its portfolio to give rise to Celsia, a leading company in the generation of non-conventional renewable energies, stand out. Today, Celsia is developing more than 1,000 MW of installed solar energy capacity through an investment vehicle under the asset manager scheme that it developed with Cubico Sustainable Investments, whose shareholders are the Canadian pension funds PSP and OTPP.

In the case of Odinsa, once Grupo Argos acquired this company in 2015, it focused its operation exclusively on the road and airport concession segments and consolidated it into a powerful vehicle for regional connectivity through the structuring, management and development of projects of infrastructure in the Andean region. In 2021, Odinsa announced its relationship with Macquarie, the largest infrastructure fund in the world, for the creation of a new road platform with assets for COP 4.3 trillion, projects for COP 4.5 trillion and in which the management capacity and the intellectual capital of Grupo Argos.

Likewise, with the help of strategic partners, Grupo Argos created Pactia in 2016, a real estate income private equity fund that operates with the business model of an asset manager, which currently manages assets for more than COP 3.9 trillion and to which strategic partners have been linked thanks to the stability in its cash flow and its growth potential. This route demonstrates Grupo Argos’ ability to attract global liquidity and top-tier institutional partners for the development of infrastructure needs in the region.