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Grupo Argos, Cementos Argos, and Celsia highlighted among the most responsible companies in Colombia by Merco ESG Responsibility

29 February 2024
  • Grupo Argos stood out in first place among business conglomerates and was ranked tenth in the overall ranking. Likewise, it reaffirmed its leadership in environmental issues management, ranking 8th; in ethics, transparency, and good corporate governance, it ranked 12th, and in the social ranking, it stood out at 16th for its commitment to employees, clients, and communities.
  • For its part, Cementos Argos was recognized as a leader in its industry and ranked 22nd in the global ranking for its outstanding performance in sustainability. It ranked 18th in environmental management, 18th in corporate governance, and 28th in social management.
  • In the case of Celsia, the company ranked 42nd in the overall ranking and reaffirmed its leadership in the industry for its environmental initiatives, ranking 13th.

More than 80,400 surveys were conducted across 25 information sources to create this ranking, aiming to evaluate Colombian companies in the management of their environmental, social, and ethics and governance issues.

The Corporate Reputation Business Monitor, Merco, recognized the sustainability strategy of the companies of the Argos Business Group on Thursday, February 29, highlighting them among the most responsible in managing environmental, social, and ethics and governance issues. In the latest edition of the ESG Responsibility ranking, Grupo Argos ranked tenth, while Cementos Argos and Celsia were positioned 22nd and 42nd, respectively.

“The organization continues to work to generate comprehensive value for its stakeholders in a balance between economic success, social well-being, and environmental care. The result of this measurement allows us to identify new opportunities to advance on this path and is consistent with the business imprint that has characterized Grupo Argos in its 90 years of history.”

Ana María Uribe Sustainability
Manager of Grupo Argos

In this edition, Grupo Argos achieved outstanding performance, ranking first among business conglomerates, 8th in managing its environmental issues, 12th in ethics, transparency, and good corporate governance, and 16th among the most responsible companies in the internal sphere, clients, and society. It is worth noting that, in 2023 alone, more than 850,000 people from 20 departments in Colombia benefited from the social and environmental projects led by the Fundación Grupo Argos.

In the case of Cementos Argos, the company reaffirmed its leadership in its sector and ranked 28th for its commitment to its employees, clients, and communities, highlighting the Caminito 72 project that seeks to build social housing in traditional neighborhoods of Medellín and promises to be a pilot for urban renewal in the country.

Celsia, for its part, stood out in 13th place in the environment for its commitment to the energy transformation towards non-conventional renewable sources. To date, the company has a portfolio that amounts to 300 MW of installed solar energy, expecting to add another 400 MW in the coming years.

To construct this ranking, Merco conducted more than 80,400 surveys targeted at executives of large companies, economic information journalists, government members, corporate social responsibility experts, financial analysts, and consumer associations.

Significant investments in sustainability In a consolidated manner, the Argos Business Group made social investments in 2023 that amounted to more than COP 102,000 million, of which more than COP 33 million were executed in the programs of the Fundación Grupo Argos.

In environmental matters, the consolidated planting over the last eight years of 19.6 million trees, the conservation of 13 water basins, and the investment in energy efficiency tools and carbon footprint reduction are highlighted.