Grupo Argos and Universidad de Antioquia give 25 scholarships to professionals from all over the country to celebrate Journalist's Day

9 February 2022
  • The scholarships will allow this group of journalists to study the Diploma in Economic Journalism, an academic program that was born from the alliance between Grupo Argos and Universidad de Antioquia to offer tools that enrich the understanding of the market and global and local economic dynamics.
  • 25 journalists from community, regional and national media benefited from this initiative whose purpose is to offer training to contribute to the construction of an informed citizenry.
  • This is the second cohort of journalists in the Diploma, whose official launch took place in 2021 with the delivery of 25 scholarships for information professionals.

Grupo Argos and Universidad de Antioquia give 25 scholarships for the Diploma in Economic Journalism to information professionals throughout the country as part of their celebration of Journalist’s Day. This initiative brings together the academy, the media and private companies in a training environment created to contribute to the understanding of the economic context of companies, the country and global markets, understanding the fundamental role of journalism in the construction of citizenship.

“A rigorous journalistic exercise based on the understanding of economic dynamics is essential in building a citizenry with the ability to make informed decisions. We are proud to present this second cohort of the Diploma in Economic Journalism in alliance with Universidad de Antioquia”.
Iván Trujillo – Manager of Institutional Relations and Communications – Grupo Argos

The second cohort of the program is made up of 25 journalists from national, regional and community media who, as of February 28th, will be able to update their knowledge on microeconomics, macroeconomics, the social role of companies, conscious capitalism, the financial system, reading and interpretation of financial statements, economic law, among other topics.