Grupo Argos and the Mayor's Office of Puerto Colombia deliver the new extension of 2ª Street

16 December 2021
  • The opening took place this Thursday, December 16th and marks a milestone for the urban growth of the Atlantic municipality.
  • This new road connects Carrera 20 with the Coastal Concession and will improve the mobility of the Barranquilla Metropolitan Area after an investment of more than COP 3 billion.
  • The work has five-meter platforms, about a kilometer of vehicular lanes, eight meters of carriageway and an additional one for a second stage of the project.
  • The new 2ª Street is part of the San José del Norte Partial Plan and has the purpose of promoting the development of Puerto Colombia.

With the purpose of executing innovative projects of high social value, Grupo Argos and the Puerto Colombia Mayor’s Office held this Thursday the official delivery of the extension of 2ª Street, a work that connects the Alternate University Corridor and the sectors of Villa Campestre, Colegio San Jose and Universidad del Norte with the extension of Road 40 or Coastal Concession, improving the mobility of the sector and generating an important positive impact for the urban planning of the municipality. Grupo Argos made an investment of COP 3,3 billion for this project, which is also part of the San José del Norte Partial Plan, which aims to promote the development of the Barranquilla Metropolitan Area.

“Atlántico is a key department for the development and transformation of the country, and Puerto Colombia is projected as an anchor city for tourism where Grupo Argos is developing important investments. The delivery of the extension of 2ª Street will transform the lives of the inhabitants of this municipality and will contribute to the development of mobility. “
María Clara Aristizábal – Manager of the Urban Development Business of Grupo Argos

The new road connection has wide platforms of five meters, an extension of about a kilometer of vehicular roads and eight meters of road, in addition to attributes such as LED lighting, a landscape proposal with high standards of urban design and road signs that facilitate the connectivity and configure it as an articulating axis for existing and future roads.

This project is in addition to the multiple investments of Grupo Argos in the region, such as the 2.4 kilometers of roads in Villa Carolina delivered in 2020 to Barranquilla; Boulevard Transversal 44 Park in which an investment of more than COP 2,3 billion was made in urban planning works and COP 540 million in the development of the park; the 24 hectares of land provided for the Miramar Urban Forest; and the construction of Carrera 65 – Vía al Lago, open to the public in 2019, with a total investment of more than COP 16 billion.

“Framed in our 2020-2023 Development Plan -For a New Puerto Colombia- we are working on the transformation of the municipality with high-impact works, which represent improvements in mobility and connectivity between important roads such as the Circunvalar de la Prosperidad and the Corredor Academic; and areas with a high population density such as the Villa Campestre sector. This new road that will connect the Circunvalar de la Prosperidad with the extension of Carrera 30 -section No. 1- and from the roundabout of Colegio San José to Avenida Tajamares -section No. 4- is the beginning of the integral solution of the mobility for one of the most developed urban sectors in the Municipality of Puerto Colombia.

We are convinced that the trust that has been generated from the public to the private will continue to produce results with great benefit for our community.”
Wilman Vargas – Mayor of Puerto Colombia