Grupo Argos and Cementos Argos achieve silver and Celsia bronze in the S&P Global Sustainability Yearbook

8 February 2021
  • Grupo Argos and Cementos Argos were included in the Yearbook for the eighth consecutive year, while Celsia managed to be included for the fifth time in the publication.
  • Initiatives such as Creamos Valor Social, the development of innovative and sustainable building materials, and leadership in non-conventional renewable energies are determining factors for the Argos Business Group to continue to stand out among the top places in this publication.

Grupo Argos and its companies Cementos Argos and Celsia received the highest distinctions in the S&P Global Sustainability Yearbook. Grupo Argos and Cementos Argos received the silver seal and Celsia the bronze, in recognition of the business group’s transparent, comprehensive management focused on creating value in the long term.

“Recognitions like this motivate us to continue working to create shared value for all our stakeholders, especially in a situation of public health and economic pressure such as the one we are facing and which is ratifying the fundamental role that companies play as the main source of employment and investment, as vehicles to promote the development of economies and to create solutions that provide progress and well-being to citizens ”.

Jorge Mario Velasquez

President of Grupo Empresarial Argos 

This distinction brings together the companies with the best sustainable performance at a global level to recognize their management in economic, social and environmental aspects. In this year’s edition, 7,000 companies from 61 industries were evaluated, among which 13 are Colombian, including those of Grupo Empresarial Argos. This recognition strengthens the confidence of international stakeholders and investors in those companies that work to generate value in the long term.

Global leaders in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index

In 2020 Grupo Argos was highlighted in the Dow Jones Global Sustainability Index, ranking second in its industry, Cementos Argos ranked third in the building materials industry and Celsia ranked third in the electrical industry for the Integrated Market Latin American (MILA) – Pacific Alliance.

Grupo Argos: stood out in the indicators code of conduct, social and environmental reporting, climate change strategy, practices and capacity for institutional relations, management of risks related to water and tax management and capacity to prioritize management in the most relevant as a company.

Cementos Argos: due to the responsible practices applied, it obtained the highest possible rating in variables such as sustainable construction, environmental reporting, biodiversity, climate change strategy, water resource management, social reporting, corporate citizenship and philanthropy, materiality, risks and management of crisis, and tax strategy.

Celsia: was recognized for its leadership in the development of renewable energies and obtained outstanding scores in innovation, risks and crisis management, environmental and social reporting, risks related to it and climate change strategy.