Fundación Grupo Argos works for the recovery of mangroves in Sucre and Bolívar with the planting of 150,000 seedlings

21 July 2021
  • These plantings are carried out within the framework of the Sembrando Futuro program of the Grupo Argos Foundation and are carried out in the municipality of Bocacerrada in Sucre and on Barú Island in Bolívar.
  • In addition to planting seedlings, the construction of two community nurseries is being carried out to benefit the communities. Likewise, in alliance with Fondo de Agua, the creation of another nursery in Leticia is being supported for the restoration of 20,000 seedlings
  • The Grupo Argos Foundation’s investment in this project amounts to more than COP 400 million and has allowed the restoration of more than 28 hectares of mangrove swamp since 2019.

As part of the commitment to protect water resources and the recovery of strategic ecosystems in the country, Fundación Grupo Argos is planting 150,000 mangrove seedlings in Bocacerrada in Sucre and Barú Island, in Bolívar. To date, 25,000 individuals are already integrated into the ecosystem thanks to the planting days that have had the participation of local communities, which, in addition, have benefited from environmental education workshops on the role of mangroves in capturing carbon dioxide and how to protect them.

The mangrove ecosystem is rich for its biodiversity and, although it only covers 0.5% of the planet’s marine surface, it has the capacity to capture up to five times more carbon than other tropical forests, so its role is fundamental in the mitigation of the effects of climate change. This initiative includes, in addition to the planting of seedlings, the creation of two community nurseries to benefit the communities that employ 90 people and the monitoring of blue carbon.

“We recognize the importance of the mangrove and the role it plays in mitigating the effects of climate change, that is why we expanded our program to continue working for the recovery of the mangrove ecosystem on the Colombian Caribbean coast, which is essential to sustain the system. of fishing production in this region and the generation of a green economy ”.

Maria Camila Villegas – Grupo Argos Foundation Operational Director

The Grupo Argos Foundation has been leading this project since 2019 and has restored more than 28 hectares of mangrove swamp, achieving the involvement of more than 100 families in the process. These plantings are carried out within the framework of its Sembrando Futuro program, which aims to plant 1 million trees in 2021 and thus contribute to the reforestation of forests in the country.