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Fundación Grupo Argos reaches 192 active scholars in 10 regions of Colombia

13 December 2019


  • Foundation | DECEMBER 13rd, 2019


    The program also reached a retention rate of 92%, an outstanding performance possible thanks to the permanent accompaniment of the fellows through mentoring to strengthen their integral training as professionals and human beings.

    With 167 active fellows until November and the 25 new students that were recently integrated, the Fundación Grupo Argos scholarship program supports regional development in Colombia with the comprehensive training of young talent.

    During the last three weeks, the Grupo Argos Foundation, led by Cementos Argos, Celsia and Odinsa, presented 25 scholarships to young people who stand out for their discipline, leadership and sense of belonging to their communities. The program allows beneficiaries to train as professionals or technologists in university institutions throughout the country and provides support during their career through mentoring with volunteers from Grupo Argos and their businesses, to promote their comprehensive training as professionals and human beings.



Thanks to the integral accompaniment of the students and the voluntary participation of the collaborators of the Argos Business Group in the process of training the beneficiaries in order to strengthen their performance and adaptation to the university context, for every 100 students participating in the scholarship program of the Grupo Argos Foundation, 92 manage to successfully complete their studies.

This museum is the country's first regional and main component of the Caribbean Cultural Park, a complex that promotes and disseminates knowledge of this area. Today, in an act with the Governor of the Atlantic, the Mayor's Office of Barranquilla, the Chamber of Commerce of Barranquilla, representatives of the Argos Business Group and other actors of the private sector, it was reopened to the public.

 “In our mentors we find a very important support, mainly those who move from a municipality to the city, where everything is new and we must face a life without our families, who stay in the town. Being accompanied by a mentor helps us a lot to achieve good academic performance and fulfill our dream of being professionals, because they give us the necessary strength to move forward and not feel that we are alone”, says Dayarlis Rojas Gómez, scholar of Fundación Grupo Argos and International Business student at Universidad de Medellín.

The 192 active scholars of Fundación Grupo Argos program live in Antioquia, Cundinamarca, Bolívar, Atlántico, Santander, Valle del Cauca, Tolima, Sucre, La Guajira, Boyacá, Risaralda and Caldas.


Michelle Bordin, leader of Human Talent of Odinsa has been a mentor for three years of Luisa Camila Daza, student of Nutrition and Dietetics of Universidad Católica de Oriente. For her, “the process of accompanying a fellow is a wonderful opportunity for growth and mutual learning, it is an experience that allows you to meet them, guide them from the academic and personal, and learn a lot from them as you see their growth, maturity and professional progress. ”


For more than five years, the volunteers of the organization sponsor a fellow to accompany him in his training process, becoming guides and counselors for the students. Only this year more than 120 people joined this volunteer.