Grupo Argos Foundation

Fundación Grupo Argos presents Sembrando Futuro, a program to contribute to ecological restoration with the planting of one million trees per year

29 April 2021
  • Starting in 2021, the Grupo Argos Foundation will plant one million trees each year in the departments of Antioquia, Tolima, Sucre, Bolívar, Córdoba and Valle del Cauca.
  • For the prioritization of the areas in which the plantings will be carried out, the Foundation took into account the deforestation indicators in order to reverse the alteration in the ecosystems.
  • These plantings are in addition to the eight million trees that Grupo Empresarial Argos has planted in the last five years.
  • Sembrando Futuro engages the communities where it develops the projects, inviting them to apply for their reforestation projects and initiatives to receive support. The first call will be available until May 10th. 


Sembrando Futuro seeks to develop processes of ecological restoration and protection of water resources in six departments of the country through the planting of one million trees each year, beginning in 2021. Of that million trees, 400,000 will be planted in Antioquia, 200,000 in Córdoba , 150,000 in Bolívar and Sucre, 150,000 more in Valle del Cauca and 100,000 in Tolima.

For this initiative, the Foundation developed a comprehensive intervention model that ensures the recovery of ecosystems altered by human actions in order to reverse their deterioration, protect the water resource, restore ecological integrity and recover the basic components of its structure. , composition and ecosystem function.

“We are happy to announce this project that we know will have a high impact on the health of ecosystems, will contribute to reducing the effects of climate change and will allow us to contribute to the care of water sources. For its execution we will work hand by hand with the communities, understanding their needs and seeking the formulation of sustainable development alternatives ”.

María Camila Villegas – Operative Director of Fundación Grupo Argos

This initiative also has the objective of democratizing the planting processes, promoting the participation of the communities, taking advantage of their knowledge of the territories and encouraging them to nominate areas around the projects prioritized by the Foundation in which restoration and rehabilitation to through planting trees are critical to the health of ecosystems. Applications will be received until May 10th and may be submitted through the following link 

About the Grupo Argos Foundation

The Grupo Argos Foundation is the voluntary social investment vehicle of Grupo Argos and its companies Cementos Argos, Celsia and Odinsa. With this program, the Foundation continues to promote one of its strategic pillars: water conservation and protection, through which in 2020 it managed to protect 3,910 hectares and biological corridors in strategic areas of the country.