Equity and diversity

For the second consecutive year, the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index has highlighted Grupo Argos among the companies with the best performance in diversity and inclusion globally.

31 January 2023
  • The Bloomberg Gender Equality Index, GEI for its acronym in English, highlights companies for their good practices and for generating value for their investors through diversity and inclusion initiatives.
  • This is the second consecutive year in which Grupo Argos stands out with high scores in criteria such as policies against sexual harassment, inclusive culture, leadership and talent, and equal pay.
  • The company received a global score of 88.29, a seven-point increase compared to its score in the previous evaluation conducted in 2022.
  • This year, the Index included 484 companies from 45 countries worldwide. Three Colombian companies were among those recognized.

Bloomberg, a leading company in business and financial news and information, released the Gender Equality Index (GEI) to assess the management of companies worldwide in terms of gender equality. For the second consecutive year, Grupo Argos has been included on the list of companies with exceptional performance in closing gender gaps, scoring highly in areas such as policies against sexual harassment, equal pay, inclusive culture, and leadership and talent.

The company’s recognition is due in part to its efforts in promoting the growth and development of women in male-dominated positions. In Grupo Argos’ energy business, 19% of the positions in generation, transmission, and distribution are held by women, while the construction materials business has a figure of 41% at the operational level. Additionally, in 2022, Grupo Empresarial Argos invested 11,362 hours of training for its employees on issues related to diversity and inclusion, the implementation of gender equality systems such as Equipares, and the evaluation and inclusion of women in middle and senior management in succession plans for critical positions. Currently, women hold 30% of management positions at Grupo Argos.

It is noteworthy that Grupo Empresarial Argos was recently recognized by Forbes as a world-leading company for its gender equality practices.

We are proud to receive this recognition that confirms our commitment to further strengthening gender equality practices within the company and creating a more equitable and inclusive work environment that values and leverages diversity as a source of value,” said Jorge Mario Velasquez.

About the Gender Equality Index
The Bloomberg-promoted Gender Equality Index evaluates the performance of companies based on five pillars: (i) female leadership and talent pipeline, (ii) equal pay and parity, (iii) inclusive culture, (iv) policies against sexual harassment, and (v) pro-gender equality brand.

For this edition, the Index measured more than 600 companies in 50 countries, of which 484 were included in the list. Grupo Argos is part of the three Colombian companies that were highlighted.