During 2022, Grupo Empresarial Argos has made Capex investments for more than COP 1.3 billion

16 September 2022
  • Just in, the execution exceeds COP 1 trillion, where the construction of power generation plants, the strengthening of cement and concrete operations and the development of infrastructure projects stand out.
  • The company expects to close 2022, with an execution of more than COP 1.6 trillion in Capex investments in the 18 countries in which it has a presence.
  • Among the projects executed during this year, the construction of 17 new solar farms and new transmission lines, the start-up of Termotesorito and the reactivation of furnace 2 of the Cementos Argos plant in Toluviejo stand out.

Grupo Empresarial Argos continues to advance in the consolidation of its infrastructure portfolio with the increase in the production and dispatch capacity of Cementos Argos, the promotion of its renewable energy generation capacity, the strengthening of the quality of service to its clients of energy and the materialization of relevant road and airport projects through Odinsa.

Cementos Argos recently put oven 2 at its Toluviejo Plant in Sucre back into operation after more than six months of adjustments and maintenance work that required an investment of close to USD 7.4 million. With the above, the company will increase its production capacity in the north of Colombia by 200,000 tons of clinker per year.

Additionally, on Saturday, September 3, the 200 MW of Celsia’s Termotesorito power plant came into operation, with technological innovations that make it efficient and fast when generating backup energy. Additionally, during this year the company has intensified the construction of solar farms with 17 new plants totaling 260 MW of capacity. These projects will use more than 650,000 solar panels and generate about 3,500 jobs during their construction.

By the end of the year, Grupo Empresarial Argos will have executed more than COP 1.6 trillion in investments in Colombia and in the countries where it has a presence.