Companies of the Argos Business Group are among the most attractive to work for in Colombia: Merco Talento

15 June 2022
  • Grupo Argos ranked first among the business conglomerates with the greatest capacity to attract and retain talent and 45th place in the general ranking published by Merco.
  • In this edition, the Monitor highlighted Grupo Argos in the seventh position of a new digital measurement that recognizes the companies with the highest and best quality of publications and interactions on LinkedIn.
  • Cementos Argos and Celsia, Grupo Argos companies, stood out in the Monitor occupying positions 11 and 35 respectively, consolidating themselves among the main leaders of their sectors in the country.
  • Merco Talento measures the ability of companies to attract and retain talent.

The companies of Grupo Empresarial Argos were consolidated among the most attractive places to work in Colombia, after the publication of the Merco Talento ranking that year after year measures the capacity to attract and retain talent of organizations. In this edition, Grupo Argos ranked 45th and the first place among business conglomerates in the country, while Cementos Argos ranked 11th in the general ranking and the first in its industry, and Celsia ranked 35th in the general classification and the 3rd in the electrical energy sector.

Merco Talent is one of the most widely used rankings globally to measure the ability of companies to attract and retain talent. This study was designed to understand how companies are being valued from three dimensions: job quality, employer brand and internal reputation.

Nearly 64,000 people participated in this measurement, including more than 9,000 final year students from various university degrees, workers from the 100 companies that are part of the ranking, more than 220 human resources experts and 3,000 people from the General population.