Café Oso Andino is now available in supermarkets thanks to the Grupo Argos Foundation and Conservamos la Vida program

22 February 2021
  • From this week, Café Oso Andino, the first to be produced for the protection of the Spectacled Bear, will be available in Jumbo and Carulla supermarkets
  • With this product, Colombians can taste a high quality product, support producers and contribute to the conservation of the species and the forests that make up its ecosystem.
  • Coffee is produced by 10 peasant families from Valle del Cauca who used part of their farms exclusively for conservation in exchange for receiving technical support in the development of sustainable productive projects to generate additional income.
  • Marketing is made possible thanks to the project’s alliance with Matiz, a Colcafé brand, which makes coffee available to the market in an accessible way.

This product arises within the framework of the Conservamos la Vida program, a public – private initiative that seeks to preserve the habitat of this species threatened by the loss of forests in the country.

To date, the production of more than 4,500 kilos of coffee has been achieved, thanks to the most recent alliance signed with Matiz, Colcafé brand, which is available in Jumbo and Carulla, allowing Colombians to taste a high quality product while They contribute to improve the quality of life of producers, to the conservation of the species and the forests.

“We are proud to announce this alliance that will allow us to reach the homes of Colombian families with a high quality social product, designed to protect the Andean Bear and create well-being in peasant communities. This type of initiative responds to our commitment to the preservation of water and the transformation of territories ”.

María Camila Villegas – Director of Conservation Fundación Grupo Argos

With productive processes such as the Café Oso Andino, the appropriation of the families of their territory is facilitated, the inclusion of the new generations in productive processes of the countryside and the generation of opportunities for social entrepreneurship that allows farmers an alternative life.

About Conservamos la Vida

The initiative led by Fundación Grupo Argos in alliance with Wildlife Conservation Society-Colombia, Parques Nacionales de Colombia, Corporación Autónoma Regional del Valle del Cauca and Smurfit Kappa, has the objective of avoiding conflict between the Bear and the peasant communities, implementing actions to take care of its environment through the conservation of wooded areas, ecological restoration, the development of sustainable productive projects and the implementation of environmental education processes.