We are a leader in the cement business with a unique investment structure on road and airport concessions and a differentiated and innovative portfolio in both conventional and renewable energies.


Celsia has been transformed in recent years to be a benchmark for innovation and sustainability in the electricity industry. It is present in the four businesses of the sector: generation, transmission, distribution and marketing.

The company is a leader in the adoption of renewable energies, thanks to a diversified generation portfolio, with hydroelectric, wind and solar assets, as well as thermal assets.

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  • Celsia Energy
    The Calima hydroelectric plant in Valle del Cauca has an installed capacity of 132 MW.
  • Celsia Energy
    In 2017, the Yumbo solar farm (Colombia), the largest in the country, began operating.
  • Celsia Energy
    The Caracolí substation, in the Atlantic, is part of the Plan5Caribe project.
  • Celsia Energy
  • Celsia Energy

Other economic activities of Grupo Argos

In aims of diversifying our investments, we have a relevant participation in companies from other sectors that share Grupo Argos’ same business commitment in developing projects that improve the quality of life of the societies where we are present.

At Grupo Argos, we develop our businesses with the support of a group of subordinated companies that allow us to properly comply with our corporate strategy.

Company Shares Country
Patrimonio Autónomo Ganadería Rio Grande  13,39% Colombia
Sator S.A.S.  99,04% Colombia
Summa – Servicios Corporativos Integrales S.A.S. 78,29% Colombia
Cementos Argos S.A. 60,30% Colombia
American Cement Terminals Trust (BVI)  60,30% Islas Vírgenes Británicas
Argos (Dominica) Ltd.  60,30% Dominica
Argos Dominicana S.A.  48,56% República Dominicana
Argos Guatemala S.A. 60,30% Guatemala
Argos Guyane S.A.S.  60,30% Guayana Francesa
Argos Honduras S.A. de C.V. 32,13% Honduras
Argos North America Corp.  60,67% Estados Unidos
Argos Panamá, S.A.  50,26% Panamá
Argos Puerto Rico, Corp.  36,18% Puerto Rico
Argos SEM, LLC.  60,30% Estados Unidos
Argos St. Maarten N.V.  60,30% St. Maarten
Argos Trading Puerto Rico LLC 36,18% Puerto Rico
Argos USA LLC.  60,67% Estados Unidos
Argos USVI Corp.  60,30% Islas Vírgenes Estadounidenses
BMR Limited 60,30% Bermuda
Cementos Argos Company Limited  60,30% Antigua
Cement and Mining Engineering Inc.  60,30% Panamá
Cementos de Caldas S.A.  60,08% Colombia
CI del Mar Caribe (BVI) Inc.  60,31% Islas Vírgenes Británicas
Cimenterie Nationale S.E.M. (CINA)  39,20% Haití
Colcaribe Holdings S.A.  60,30% Panamá
Concreto S.A.  50,26% Panamá
Concretos Argos S.A.S.  60,51% Colombia
Corporaciones e Inversiones del Mar Caribe S A.S.  60,30% Colombia
Framing Colombia S.A.S. BIC 42,21% Colombia
Haití Cement Holding S.A.  60,30% Panamá
Inmuebles Miraflores S.A. 60,30% Panamá
Logística de Transporte S.A.  60,30% Colombia
Soluciones Modulares Argos S.A.S. 60,51% Colombia
Southern Star Leasing, LLC  60,67% Estados Unidos
Surcol Houdstermaatschapij NV  30,15% Surinam
Terminal Granelera Bahía Las Minas S.A.  50,26% Panamá
Transatlantic Cement Carriers Inc.  60,30% Panamá
Valle Cement Investments Inc.  63,55% Panamá
Venezuela Ports Company S.A.  60,30% Panamá
Vensur N.V.  25,39% Surinam
Zona Franca Argos S.A.S.  60,30% Colombia
Celsia S.A.  52,93% Colombia
Alternegy S.A. 52,93% Panamá
Bahía Las Minas Corp. 27,12% Panamá
Bontex S.A. 52,93% Panamá
Celsia Centroamérica S.A. 52,93% Panamá
Celsia Colombia Inversiones S.A.S.  34,46% Colombia
Celsia Colombia S.A. E.S.P.  34,46% Colombia
Celsia Costa Rica S.A.  52,93% Costa Rica
Celsia Honduras S.A. de C.V. 31,76% Honduras
Celsolar S.A. 52,93% Panamá
CJ Energy, S.A. 31,76% Panamá
Colener S.A.S. 52,93% Colombia
Compañía de Electricidad de Tuluá S.A. E.S.P. – CETSA E.S.P.  33,96% Colombia
Divisa Solar 10MW, S.A. 52,93% Panamá
Enerbit S.A.S. E.S.P. 34,46% Colombia
Enerwinds de Costa Rica S.A.  34,40% Costa Rica
LandCO La Gloria S.A. 34,40% Costa Rica
Planta Eólica Guanacaste S.A. (PEG) 34,40% Costa Rica
Porvenir II S.A.S E.S.P. 52,93% Colombia
Odinsa S.A.  99,91% Colombia
Autopistas de los Llanos S.A. en Liquidación 68,40% Colombia
Autopistas del Nordeste Cayman LTD  67,44% Islas Cayman 
Autopistas del Oeste S.A.  79,85% República Dominicana
Caribbean Infraestructure Company N.V. 99,91% Aruba
Chamba Blou N.V. 99,91% Aruba
Consorcio APP Llanos  91,92% Colombia
Constructora Bogotá Fase III  – Confase S.A.  50,95% Colombia
JV Proyecto ADN, S.R.L.  67,44% República Dominicana
Marjoram Riverside Company S.A.  99,91% Islas Vírgenes Británicas
Odinsa Gestor Profesional S.A.S. 99,91% Colombia
Odinsa Proyectos e Inversiones S.A.  99,58% Colombia
Odinsa Servicios S.A.S.  99,91% Colombia
Quadrat Group Inc.  99,91% Islas Vírgenes Británicas