The mayor of Barranquilla and the President of Grupo Argos inspect the work progress of the new Vía al Lago

21 March 2019

Corporate | MARCH 21st, 2019


The mayor of Barranquilla, Alejandro Char, and the president of Grupo Argos, Jorge Mario Velásquez, made an inspection tour of the construction of the new Vía al Lago, double lane extension of Carrera 65 to Circunvalar Avenue, which will be inaugurated during the second half of 2019, according to current advances.

The total cost of the works will amount to approximately COP 30 thousan millions, of which COP 25 billion are contributed by Grupo Argos, while the District of Barranquilla will make contributions for COP 5 billion for the construction of the bridge over Circunvalar Avenue.

One of the most important works of this project is already in operation. The intersection of Calle 98 with Carrera 65 already offers new access and connection to the inhabitants of the Rio Alto and Villa Carolina sector with the north of Barranquilla.

“Barranquilla is relevant in the history of Grupo Empresarial Argos and, for that reason, we are part of the development and growth of the city. The Vía al Lago (Carrera 65) will open new spaces and offer a better connection for the city. This is a new example of the constant commitment of our Organization to improve the well-being and quality of life of all Barranquilla, ”said Jorge Mario Velásquez, President of Grupo Argos.

La Vía al Lago, because it is located within one of the areas with the greatest urban development potential in the city and due to its technical characteristics and double carriageway, represents a milestone for the interconnection and urban mobility of northern Barranquilla and its metropolitan area. The work, which will be articulated with a bridge over Circunvalar Avenue, will have two roundabouts of large dimensions to regulate the flows that move from key intersections.

Given the progress of each of the sections, it should be noted that the paving of section 1 has already been completed in its entirety. On the other hand, for section 2, which starts at 100th Street and goes to Circunvalar Avenue, the earthmoving stage is already finished and the paving is in 40% execution.

This work is projected as the structuring axis of the Riomar Zonal Management Plan, which is an urban development project promoted by Grupo Argos in the north of the city.



Project Data:

• Length: 1.8 kilometers.

• Intervention area of ​​6.9 hectares

• Two 7 meter driveways

• 3.5 meter lanes per road

• 5.5 meter platforms

• 5 meter central separator

• LED lighting in the dividers

• Two roundabouts of large dimensions to regulate vehicle flows

• Overpass bridge over Circunvalar Avenue

• A 2.20 m wide bi-directional bike path

• Arborization of separators with acacias and almond trees approximately 3 meters high that will be sown in alliance with Barranquilla Siembra.

• It will have storm sewer for proper management of rainwater

• COP 30 thousand millions pesos of investment