Starting today, the Puerto Colombia community enjoys the Centro Internacional del Caribe Public Park after investments by Grupo Argos

23 June 2021
  • The Centro Internacional del Caribe Public Park has 2.3 hectares that were intervened thanks to the investment of more than COP 3,2 billion by Grupo Argos.
  • This new public space has sports areas, pedestrian paths, bicycle paths, leisure and recreation spaces, as well as games areas, which will benefit families and visitors to the sector.
  • The design was in charge of the renowned landscape architect Diana Wiesner and the Grupo Argos Urban Development team.

After having made an investment of more than COP 3,2 billion by the Argos Business Group, the Puerto Colombia community can enjoy from today the new Centro Internacional del Caribe Public Park, designed, planned and developed in order to integrate the community through sports areas, bike paths, jogging track, recreational spaces, games area and more than 2,000 m2 of pedestrian paths. These spaces respond to the sports and recreational vocation of the area to connect nature with the entertainment of the community by making it possible to carry out activities outside the home.

The design of the park was in charge of Grupo Argos and the renowned architect and landscaper Diana Wiesner. The construction was carried out for 12 months and was in charge of MLG Engineering in the civil works; Escenarios Deportivos developed children’s games, surfaces and biosaludables; Lombo Lombo was in charge of the children’s play furniture; Ecoseed of green areas; and Konkretus of urban furniture. This project took into account the need to protect and preserve the native trees existing in the area, as well as enhance their value through ecological trails where visitors can appreciate and enjoy a natural environment.

“We are very pleased to present the Parque Público Centro Internacional del Caribe as a symbol of positive transformation and well-being in Puerto Colombia. This work is added to multiple projects that are being carried out in the municipality and the department, such as the extension of Calle 2A, and other projects already delivered such as the Miramar Urban Forest and the Boulevard Transversal 44 Park in Barranquilla, which are references of well-being and quality of life in the region ”.

María Clara Aristázabal – Urban Development Business Manager of Grupo Argos

“We officially hand over the Centro Internacional del Caribe Public Park to our community. Hand in hand with Grupo Argos, we have worked on the development of this work that is now a reality. This, like other projects that we carry out in our municipality, aim at the comprehensive improvement of urban and landscape conditions, which contributes to well-being and community life. Through the delivery of this work, we once again ratify our commitment to continue working for a new Puerto Colombia. “

Wilman Vargas Altahona – Mayor of the municipality of Puerto Colombia

The inauguration event of the Centro Internacional del Caribe Public Park was attended by the Mayor of Puerto Colombia, Wilman Vargas Altahona, the Secretary of Territorial Development, Mauro Suárez, the Secretary of Infrastructure, Nathalie Vélez, and the Urban Planning Manager of the Business of Urban Development of Grupo Argos, Daniel Sarabia, who made the official delivery of this space to the community of Puerto Colombia.