Grupo Empresarial Argos' Companies are recognized among the most sustainable in the world for the tenth consecutive year in the Dow Jones Index

9 December 2022
  • In this edition, Grupo Argos consolidated its leadership worldwide, ranking second in its industry thanks to outstanding management of variables such as corporate governance, human rights, risks, corporate citizenship, and philanthropy.
  • Cementos Argos ranked third in the construction materials industry globally thanks to the rigorous execution of its sustainability strategy focused on business profitability, responsible production, building relationships of trust, and a system of shared values.
  • Odinsa, which has been measuring it voluntarily for three years, stands out in variables such as operational eco-efficiency, social report and human capital development, with a representative evolution compared to previous evaluations. Celsia’s results in the Index will be published next week.
  • The permanence and leadership of the companies of the Grupo Empresarial Argos in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index reaffirm the power of the organization’s global sustainability strategy, the positive performance of its businesses and the confidence of global investors in its management.

Grupo Argos and Cementos Argos were recognized in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index as global leaders for having the best practices in economic, social, environmental and corporate governance management. The latest report published this Friday, December 9 by the firm S&P Global ranked Grupo Argos in second place in its industry, consolidating for the tenth year in a row among the leaders in the Global, Emerging Markets and MILA Pacific Alliance indices. For its part, Cementos Argos ranked third in the Global Index and ranked among the best in MILA in the construction materials industry.

“We welcome this result, which reaffirms the vision of the Grupo Empresarial Argos and its ability to generate economic value in balance with social benefit and care for the environment.”
Jorge Mario Velasquez – Grupo Argos CEO

Management highlights of Grupo Argos and Cementos Argos

  • Grupo Argos continued to strengthen its leadership in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, reaching a rating of 88 out of 100 in the economic dimension given the implementation of the best practices in terms of risks, crisis management and corporate governance.
  • Cementos Argos, with an overall rating of 87 points, stood out in the environmental dimension thanks to its management of issues such as climate change strategy, eco-efficiency and water risk management, and programs such as co-processing, which have allowed it to develop innovative processes to replace part of its caloric consumption from alternative fuels.
  • Odinsa continued to strengthen its rating on issues such as operational eco-efficiency, social reporting, and human capital development.

For more than 20 years, the Dow Jones Sustainability Index has evaluated companies worldwide based on sustainability criteria, awarding a distinction to those that carry out outstanding and comprehensive management of their businesses. Inclusion in the Index represents a seal of guarantee for investors, clients, employees and all the stakeholders, increasingly aligned with sustainable products, services and processes.