Grupo Argos wins Acrip Sustainability Award for Good Work Practices

5 December 2018

Sustainability | DECEMBER 5, 2018


Grupo Argos was recognized by the Colombian Federation of Human Management (Acrip) and in Centro RS with the Sustainability Award for Good Work Practices, in the Large Companies category.

“This recognition is the result of the continued effort of the Argos Business Group to offer our employees a work environment that is capable of boosting their professional development while maintaining a permanent balance with their personal and family life. In this way, we build a committed team that works daily to make our organization a corporate citizen that contributes to the sustainability of society, ”said Sergio Osorio, Vice President of Human and Administrative Management of Grupo Argos.

Talent retention programs, the formation of integral leaders, the program of benefits for employees, Beneflex, the diversity policy or initiatives such as International Fellows, which promotes postgraduate programs abroad, were some of the practices that the Prize took into account to choose Grupo Argos as the winner in its category.

In addition to highlighting the actions of organizations that contribute to its development through comprehensive management, the Sustainability Award for Good Labor Practices seeks to raise awareness about the importance of social responsibility management in areas of human management and its contribution to sustainability of the companies.

It should be noted that, this same year, Grupo Argos was nominated and was a finalist of the 2018 Portfolio Awards, in the Human Resource Management category, which reflects the commitment of the Business Group in the development of its employees as a fundamental axis of the organization.