Grupo Argos has reduced its consolidated debt by ∼COP 2 trillion since 2020 and as a result of its hedging strategy it has achieved savings in financial expenses of COP 32,000 million in 2022

24 August 2022
  • The company has policies for operating efficiencies and efficiency in the use of its cash surpluses, seeking investment opportunities that exceed the cost of debt or prepaying it, which allows for greater financial flexibility.
  • In recent months, the organization has strengthened its efforts to reduce its consolidated debt, a movement that is even more relevant in the current market context.
  • At a separate level, Grupo Argos has no debt maturities in the fourth quarter of 2022 and in all of 2023, which gives it financial flexibility and ratifies its structural soundness to face situations.

Between 2020 and 2022, Grupo Argos has reduced its consolidated debt by ∼ COP 2 trillion, which has allowed it to prepare for the current context of high interest rates. In addition to a rigorous spending policy, the reduction is due to a guideline that has led to a large part of the excess liquidity being directed to the payment of debt and to a coverage program with financial investments that have allowed it to cover part of the growth in interest rates registered during the last months.

This debt reduction is even more relevant with the prospects of interest rates that continue to grow throughout the world as a measure to curb the growth of inflation, and represents a competitive advantage for Grupo Argos, allowing it greater financial flexibility to continue generating value for all its shareholders.