Grupo Argos Foundation

Grupo Argos, Fundación Santodomingo, Col5Vid and Give to Colombia join forces to deliver food packages to nearly 3,700 vulnerable families in Bolívar

8 June 2020
  • Fundación Grupo Argos contributed COP 70 million to this alliance. These resources are in addition to the contributions that Grupo Argos and its businesses have made in Cartagena and Bolívar for more than COP 500 million to support vulnerable populations in the midst of the pandemic through allies such as the Fundación Mamonal and Cómo Vamos Cartagena.
  •  With its Llamado a la Empatía campaign, the company has delivered more than 540 food packages directly to families in Cartagena who depend on informal work.
  •  In addition, through its urban development business, Grupo Argos contributed COP 100 million to an alliance with different foundations that raised more than 4,000 packages of food in Bolívar in recent weeks.


In order to allow 3,667 vulnerable families from Cartagena to stay home during the Covid-19 contingency, the Fundación Grupo Argos, Fundación Santodomingo, Col5Vid and Give to Colombia joined wills to deliver cards loaded with COP 40,000 to buy aliments. The preloaded cards will begin delivered since June 22nd, mitigating the effects that the health contingency has had on vulnerable populations in the capital of Bolívar.

This alliance joins the different initiatives of Grupo Argos to support the most vulnerable populations in the department, where it has contributed a total COP 514 million to benefit more than 5,200 families, among which is included Un Llamado a la Empatía, a campaign that, through donations from the bussiness group collaborators and external allies, has delivered more than than 500 food packages to vulnerable families who depend on informal work in the neighborhoods: Bayunca Zapatero, Turbaco, Turbana and Arroyohondo.

“We know that all the efforts that we can make during this conjuncture are of vital importance. Our purpose is to positively transform people's lives by leading and supporting initiatives that allow us to mitigate this difficult time as a society. By acting together and in coordination, we will emerge stronger and more united than ever as a nation.”

Jorge Mario Velásquez
President of Grupo Argos


Other initiatives to support Bolivarenses
The Grupo Argos Foundation also joined #EntreTodosNosCuidamos campaign with a donation of COP 200 million to Fundación Mamonal. In addition, through its urban development business, it contributed COP 100 million to an alliance between the foundations of Puerto Bahía, Santo Domingo, Decameron, Hernán Echavarría Olózaga, Club Náutico Punta Iguana and Asociación de Vecinos de Choló, to deliver more than 4,000 markets in the department during the health contingency.

"These contributions respond to Grupo Argos commitment to the well-being of the Caribbean region and are part of the more than COP 16.3 billion that the company has allocated since the situation in the health and food fronts began, which we have made under the conviction of the need that Colombia has to add resources, capacities and wills to face moments of uncertainty like this", said Jorge Mario Velásquez.