Grupo Argos begins construction of the extension of the Castellana Park with 10,000 m2 of public recreational space for Barranquilla

21 December 2021
  • The park will be located in the Buenavista sector and will be the continuation of the network of existing parks such as Paseo de la Castellana, Prudencia Padilla and Palmas del Rio.
  • The construction of this space will take about nine months and will require an investment of COP 1.8 billion that Grupo Argos will contribute through its Urban Development Business.

Grupo Argos began the construction of the extension of the Castellana Park, a new recreational space for the Buenavista sector in the north of the city of Barranquilla that is part of the organization’s efforts with the positive territorial transformation of the Atlantic. This park will offer a setting for the development of cultural, sports and ecological activities, new children’s areas, viewpoints and a green area.

The extension of Parque de la Castellana includes the construction of 172 meters of bike path that will connect with the existing network and the development of an environmental program to protect existing native forest species and the creation of green terraces separated by levels that will be connected by means of of pedestrian paths.

This initiative will materialize thanks to the alliance between Grupo Argos and Agencia Distrital de Infraestructura, entities that developed teamwork with local communities through face-to-face workshops to express their needs and proposals.

“Our proposal is to create a park that provides well-being to the community as a whole and that complements the urban development of the sector. We want to continue working in this network of parks and green corridors that seek to transform territories and create spaces for recreation, contemplation and sports to continue consolidating Barranquilla as a benchmark city in Colombia.”
Camilo Abello – Grupo Argos Sustainability Director

“It is a new one-hectare park. They are 10,000 square meters. It is a continuation of what we know colloquially as the Buenavista boulevard, a park that will be for the entire community, but the most important thing is that, although it is built by the Argos developer, we do it with the Todos al Parque methodology, where the neighbors they choose which park they want, which are the elements of the park and in that way there is an appropriation and we also make sure that the park is what the sector of the city needs.”
Jaime Pumarejo – District Mayor of Barranquillla

“This park has a very serious planning agreed with the administration, which projects that this area will have parks. We are happy to do this event and we hope to be here enjoying this space in nine months.”
Daniel Sarabria – Urban Planning Manager of the Urban Development Business – Grupo Argos

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