Grupo Argos announces Ribera de Mallorquín, an innovative and inclusive urban development project in Puerto Colombia with investments of COP 800.000 million and that will generate two thousand jobs in its first stage

29 December 2020
  • Today, with the presence of the Ministerio de Vivienda, Gobernación del Atlántico, Corporación Autónoma Regional del Atlántico and directors of Grupo Argos, William Vargas, Mayor of Puerto Colombia, signed the Decree that approves the Partial Plan of Ribera de Mallorquín that marks the beginning of the draft. 
  • Ribera de Mallorquín will generate two thousand jobs in its first stage and contemplates COP 64.000 million of estimated investment by Grupo Argos in urban planning. With the resources of the five related builders, the project will reach investment levels of COP 800.000 million pesos. 
  • Ribera de Mallorquín emerges as a relevant contribution to the inclusive, organized and sustainable urban development of Puerto Colombia, with an innovative approach and the largest park in the Metropolitan Area. 

Ribera de Mallorquín was born as an inclusive and sustainable urban project, which promotes a new innovative development for Puerto Colombia, with the highest standards of design and urban planning. It will have the largest urban park in the metropolitan area as the great green lung of the area with 4.5 hectares, preserving the existing natural environment and conceptually connected with the Mallorquín EcoPark.

“This project reaffirms the commitment of Grupo Empresarial Argos with the development of the department of Atlántico and with the positive transformation from the infrastructure. With Ribera de Mallorquín we will configure for Puerto Colombia a benchmark urban space for the region and the country, inclusive and with the highest standards of quality of life, where thousands of families will fulfill their dreams of new homes ”.

Jorge Mario Velasquez

President of Grupo Empresarial Argos

“We continue to join forces and generate concrete actions in order to contribute to the improvement of the population’s quality of life, developing processes that promote sustainable urban and rural development. The Ribera de Mallorquín Project, in charge of Grupo Argos, ratifies the commitment to the Puerto Colombia community. Without a doubt, our municipality has become an epicenter of progress, works with high quality standards are being carried out for the benefit of the community, projects and investments that strengthen social and economic growth and allow us to continue advancing through a new Puerto Colombia ”.

Wilman Vargas Altahona

Mayor of the municipality of Puerto Colombia

Ribera de Mallorquín comprises 53 hectares where four kilometers of bike paths, 11 hectares of new roads, wide platforms and 12 hectares of parks, green areas and facilities will be developed for the enjoyment of the inhabitants. The first stage of its construction will be in charge of recognized construction firms such as Bolívar, Marval, Conaco, Amarilo and Colpatria, companies with extensive experience and recognition in the development of housing construction projects

This project comes to join Grupo Argos’s investments in the urban development of Barranquilla and Puerto Colombia, where since 2014 it has executed more than COP 156.000 million pesos in transformative works, such as the connection of the University Corridor with the Prosperidad Circunvalar (extension of 2A street in Puerto Colombia), the free contribution of land for Bosque Urbano de Miramar and for EcoParque de Mallorquín, also Parque Público del Centro Internacional del Caribe in Puerto Colombia in front of Clínica Porto Azul, the new Carrera 65 in Barranquilla, the Rio Alto Park in Villa Carolina and the delivery of Parque Boulevard Transversal 44 in Miramar.