Grupo Argos and the National University of Colombia come together to offer a course on Sustainability and environmental, social and corporate governance issues

7 October 2021
  • The course integrates the academic perspective of the National University and the experience of Grupo Empresarial Argos to strengthen awareness of the need to manage environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) issues to strengthen institutions that generate comprehensive value for all their interest groups as a contribution to the development of the country.
  • This academic space lasts 32 hours distributed over four months and will be taught virtually, allowing the connection of students in Bogotá, Manizales and Medellín.
  • The teachers are collaborators of Grupo Argos, Cementos Argos, Celsia and Odinsa, who from their expertise will share their knowledge with the students in business management of sustainability.

With the purpose of building knowledge about sustainability management and generating strategic conversations about climate change and its effects, the National University of Colombia and the Argos Business Group created an academic proposal available to undergraduate and graduate students of the University.

Enrolled students will have the opportunity to learn from the collaborators of Grupo Empresarial Argos specific cases and information on sustainability applied to the business context, which will allow them to integrate the academic perspective with the company’s experience in the management of environmental issues, social and corporate governance.

Some of the topics on which the training will revolve are: global panorama in terms of sustainability, interest groups, materiality, value creation model, ASG risk management, sustainable financing, circular economy and waste management, conscious capitalism, cities sustainable, concept of climate change, carbon footprint, carbon neutrality, among others.