Fundación Grupo Argos announces the planting of more than 140,000 trees in Valle del Cauca to strengthen the biological corridor of the Andean Bear

28 June 2021
  • These plantings are carried out within the framework of the Sembrando Futuro program of the Grupo Argos Foundation, which will provide at least 1 million trees per year in Colombia starting in 2021.
  • The individuals used are of native species and will strengthen the biological corridor of the Andean Bear with new areas of forest where the species can move without being under threat.
  • This planting joins the efforts of Conservamos la Vida, the Andean Bear habitat conservation program led by Fundación Grupo Argos, Parques Nacionales Naturales and WCS.

On International Tree Day, Grupo Empresarial Argos, through the Grupo Argos Foundation, ratifies its commitment to contribute to the restoration of ecosystems with the planting of 141,500 trees in the municipality of El Águila in Valle del Cauca to contribute to the conservation of the Andean Bear habitat. This initiative seeks that the species has a protected area free of human intervention so that it can move through the territory with tranquility and without being under threat.

The sowing days, which have been taking place since April, have had the support and participation of Parques Nacionales Naturales and the community of the villages of El Silencio, El Zorro, Llano Grande, La Judea Alta and San Martín, where they were planted native species of trees among which stand out El Roble, Cedar de Altura, Olivo de Cera, Arrayán, Mamo de Oso and Siete Cueros.

“This effort will have very positive effects on the health of the forests, in addition to contributing directly to the conservation of one of the emblematic and most relevant species for the ecosystems of our country: the Andean Bear. We will continue promoting the development of the territories and working hand in hand with allies and the communities for the conservation of the environment ”.

María Camila Villegas – Grupo Argos Foundation Operational Director

This initiative is part of the Grupo Argos Foundation’s commitment to the reforestation of forests in the country and is carried out within the framework of the Sembrando Futuro project, which aims to plant 1 million trees in the remainder of 2021. In addition, it represents a contribution to the Conservamos la Vida program, a public-private alliance that seeks to preserve the habitat of the Andean Bear.

Efforts by Grupo Empresarial Argos in terms of reforestation

Grupo Empresarial Argos has established itself as the private organization that has voluntarily compensated the most with the planting of 8.3 million native trees and the restoration of 7 thousand hectares of forest in the last six years. Likewise, through Fundación Grupo Argos, a program is being carried out for the protection and restoration of mangroves in the department of Sucre, an ecosystem of vital importance for the conservation of biodiversity, the capture of blue carbon and the quality of life of the inhabitants of the Canal del Dique. At this time, more than 28 hectares of mangrove have been restored.