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Fitch Ratings reaffirmed Grupo Argos' AAA (col) rating, highlighting its solidity and strategic focus on infrastructure

27 May 2024
  • The rating took into account the company’s ability to consistently generate value and the flexibility of its capital structure, which it has achieved through strategic transactions to advance as an infrastructure asset manager.
  • The stable outlook for the rating reflects the company’s robust capital structure and the predictability of its dividend flows, ensuring the continuity of selective and profitable growth.
  • This announcement adds to the recent evaluation by BRC Ratings, which reaffirmed Grupo Argos’ AAA rating for its consistent execution of the organization’s strategic plan.

Fitch Ratings reaffirmed Grupo Argos’ credit rating at AAA (col) with a stable outlook, demonstrating the company’s operational and strategic strength in consolidating its leadership in the infrastructure sector. This result validates the solidity of Grupo Argos’ business model and the strategic transformation it has achieved over the past two years to establish itself as an infrastructure asset manager.

The rating also highlights the strength of the company’s credit profile, supported by a long-term capital structure and disciplined financial management. With favorable debt-to-EBITDA and debt-to-dividend metrics averaging below 2.5 times, Grupo Argos is positioned to maintain stable and robust financial projections in the medium to long term.

“The reaffirmation by Fitch Ratings confirms the strength of our strategy as asset managers, the financial solidity of the company and its businesses, and the consolidation of Grupo Argos as a benchmark of stability and growth in the infrastructure sector in the Americas.”

Alejandro Piedrahita Vice President of Strategy and Corporate Finance

Among other reasons, Fitch considered the following elements for this rating affirmation:

  • Consolidation of Grupo Argos in the infrastructure sector: the rating affirmation underscores the success of the company’s strategy as a relevant player in the infrastructure sector, particularly in high-growth segments.
  • Financial solidity: Grupo Argos’ solid capital structure and prudent financial management continue to support a strong credit profile, with controlled debt metrics and healthy liquidity.
  • Continuity in value generation: the constant and growing dividend flow reflects the stability and predictability of revenues, supporting investments and long-term growth vision.

Fitch Ratings’ credit rating reflects confidence in Grupo Argos’ ability to maintain prudent and effective management to continue leading the infrastructure industries in which it participates.