AMOvilizarte: a commitment of the Argos Business Group for sustainable mobility

24 October 2018

Sustainability | OCTOBER 24, 2018


As a commitment to sustainable mobility, Grupo Argos, together with its subsidiaries, Argos, Celsia and Odinsa, have presented the AMOvilizarte Sustainable and Collaborative Mobility Program.

This project integrates the initiatives of the different companies that for several years have been directed to promote a displacement to the work friendly with the environment, and that today are added to the normativity of the plans of Sustainable Business Mobility proposed by the Metropolitan area

Some of the initiatives that are part of AMOvilizarte are shared transport (carpooling and vanpooling), cycloparking and electric bicycles, groups of walkers, teleworking and flexible work, facilities for lunch at the workplace and even a technological platform to share the journey with colleagues .

“We are committed to contributing to the sustainability of the cities where we have presence. With AMOvilizarte we will be an active part of the change, promoting a culture of sustainable mobility in  Argos Business Group with the purpose of reducing environmental impact and promoting healthier behavior habits”, says Sergio Osorio, Vice President of Human and Administrative Management from Grupo Argos.

With this program, the company expects to reduce at least 10% of CO2 emissions for year. One of the flagship initiatives that will achieve this goal is #LaBiciMeMueve, in which more than 370 employees are currently participating and thanks to which 40,741 km have been traveled, which is equivalent to a complete tour of the planet! And thanks to that we have prevented the emission of 6,396 kg of CO2.