Monitoring architecture

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The permanent identification, measurement, treatment and monitoring of the risks to which we are exposed in Grupo Argos aims to evaluate in an agile and proactive manner the favorable and unfavorable impacts that may affect the achievement of strategic objectives and business performance.

In this way, risk management is the combination of managing talent, processes, projects, facilities and the implementation of mechanisms for prevention and mitigation of identified risks. Also, the construction of a proactive culture of awareness and self-control against risk management.


Tax inspection

The tax audit of Grupo Argos is the responsibility of the KPMG company.

Internal audit

In Grupo Argos we have an audit team that reports directly to the Audit and Finance Committee of the Board of Directors, which develops an independent activity that evaluates the quality and effectiveness of the control system objectively and provides consulting and advice to add value in the execution of the company's operations.

It also helps to achieve its objectives with a systematic and disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the efficiency of the risk management system, controls and governance process.

It also contributes to risk prevention and permanently identifies and communicates opportunities for improvement, using knowledge, information and technology. In the events in which there are relevant reports of the Internal Audit or findings of the Fiscal Auditor, they will be disclosed in this space

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