Sustainability strategy

Sustainability strategy

Being conscious in our investments, responsible in our operations, and avant-garde in our practices aiming to generate value for the company, society, and the planet.

Sustainability policy

We transform capital into products and services in a responsible manner and with a long-term vision. Our conscious investments, our cutting-edge practices, and the responsible operation of all our businesses define us as a business group of sustainable investments in infrastructure.

We share an ethical and transparent act with our stakeholders, with whom we build mutually beneficial relationships throughout our value chain.

Our subsidiaries, while maintaining their individuality, share the sustainability objective as a common purpose.


CONSCIOUS Investment 

We invest in businesses that contribute to the solution of global challenges and ensure the long-term creation of value for the company, society, and the planet.          


We transform capital in a balanced way, aiming to minimize our negative impacts and maximize our positive impacts in economic, environmental, and social matters.


We develop innovative solutions with the aim to empower our current business models, while we capitalize on new investment opportunities.    



Sustainable Development Goals

Our commitment to the United Nations 2030 Agenda is materialized through four of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which we prioritize according to our capacity to directly contribute to the different global challenges that each one represents. We prioritize the followings SDGs:



Our sustainability strategy is aligned with the global goals and contributes in a direct manner to the four prioritized SDGs (See Annexes Integrated Report 2019). Grupo Argos and its businesses also influence and contribute to other SDGs of the Global Agenda. 



World Business Council for Sustainable Development and its Colombian chapter, Cecodes.
Latin American Companies Circle Corporate Governance Roundtable